Whether you’re a CMO looking for insights from your peers or a marketer working toward the executive seat, paying attention to what the brightest minds in our industry are doing and saying is critical for success. For the past four years, our flagship conference Transition has been a meeting of the minds for CMOs from around the world – sharing best practices, insights, and anecdotes about the art and science of building great brands.

Here are six memorable talks from CMOs who are leading their brands down the path to digital change.

1. How Keith Weed is forging connections with 1 billion consumers
When your company has over 100 brands activating in every corner of the globe, it can be challenging to forge connections with customers on an individual level. Learn how Unilever CMO Keith Weed led a series of campaigns that enabled the brand “to have one billion individual relationships” with consumers around the world.

Want to hear more insights from the marketing team at Unilever? At Transition 2017, Director of Digital Content Theresa Mcdonnell will be sharing how she built an in-house content studio for Unilever’s largest brands.

2. How Linda Boff is using systems thinking to scale her brand
As one of the world’s leading industrial brands, the marketing team at GE is intimately connected to the manufacturing systems and processes that bring their products to life. In this talk, CMO Linda Boff shares how this type of thinking shapes the way their marketing organization is scaling content production and driving ROI on their global initiatives.

Interested in hearing more about how the team at GE is envisioning the future of marketing? Vice Chair Beth Comstock will be speaking at Transition 2017.

3. How the CMO of Sutter Health is bringing digital to center of healthcare marketing
Healthcare companies aren’t known for their brand differentiation or their customer experience – but Sutter Health CMO Arra Yerganian has devoted a large part of his career to changing this. By focusing Sutter’s marketing around human storytelling and experiences, Arra is bringing digital-savvy and customer-centricity to the company’s content – to the benefit of the patients, the brand, and the business.

4. How the CMO of the Atlanta Hawks is growing a brand and a community

Sometimes a brand is more than just a brand. This is definitely the case at the Atlanta Hawks, who – under the leadership of CMO Melissa Proctor – have been uniting the city of Atlanta around their distinct content marketing and fan experience.

5. How Jennifer Sey is making customers part of the fabric of her brand

As one of the United States’ most iconic apparel brands, Levi’s has touched the lives of generations of consumers. Learn how CMO Jennifer Sey leveraged this to create the #LiveInLevis campaign, which redefined what the brand – and its products – meant to its global audiences.

6. How the CMO of AssetMark is preparing a legacy brand for a digital future
It’s easy for a marketing team to get stuck in its ways – especially at a legacy organization. This was the case when Tamara Bohlig joined AssetMark as CMO. Hear how she used everything from company culture to technology to transform the marketing function into a powerful growth engine for AssetMark’s entire business.