Here at Percolate, making marketers’ jobs (and lives) easier is, simply put, what we do. Whether providing a step-by-step guide to marketing change management, giving tactical cheat sheets for content marketers, or sharing insights from industry leaders, educating and helping marketers around the world is integral to our identity as a brand and a company. But we know that reading about best practices isn’t the same as learning them firsthand – this is why we’re proud to announce the first ever Learn@Transition.

This new Percolate customer event is designed to work in concert with our flagship conference Transition, which will be taking place on September 28 at Spring Studios in New York City. The theme of Transition is “The Path to Digital Change,” and the programming will focus on strategic insights from marketing executives on how they are envisioning and executing their brand’s digital transformation. Learn@Transition helps marketers tackle their own path to digital change on a tactical level – providing actionable best practices for planning, executing, and measuring omnichannel campaigns within Percolate.

Percolate’s Global Education Services team will be hosting Learn@Transition on Wednesday, September 27. All workshops will be led by a Percolate expert, with a focus on hands-on, interactive learning that will advance your entire team’s knowledge and omnichannel coordination capabilities. Below is a sneak peek at what we have planned for the day.

Optimize Your Strategy: Planning & Collaboration* | 10:00am – 12:00pm

Learn how to optimize planning processes for long-term success. During this workshop, you will dive into best practices around custom templates and one of Percolate’s newest features: custom Marketing Calendar views using the color-by feature.

Strategy to Structure: Implementing Metadata * | 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Break down your team’s marketing strategy and identify your brand’s custom metadata strategy. With the knowledge and insights of our Percolate experts, you will gain critical intel about the platform’s most advanced features which you can then apply to your account.

Structure to Results: Visualizing Analytics  | 3:00pm – 5:00pm

View results and visualize your operational and social data by getting advanced instruction into Percolate Analytics. By the end of this training, you will know key use cases and have the skills to create reports and dashboards that showcase your team’s success to your executives.

*New course, exclusively for Learn@Transition

For more details about Learn@Transition and how to register, check out the Success Center page.You can also reach out to Percolate Education Services at if you have any questions.

We can’t wait to see you in NYC!