As marketers, we hear firsthand from our peers about the toughest questions they’re grappling with, and there’s one that emerges across the board —  how do we face the future head-on, and invest in the right digital capabilities today in order to succeed tomorrow? This inspired us to take our Transition conference on the road, broadening the conversation to include marketers in other cities. Our first stop was San Francisco in June, and our next – which I’m thrilled to announce today — is New York.

Like every Transition, our agenda is designed to encourage marketers to tackle rapid transformation, and to share their solutions for driving organizational change amidst global change. We’re excited to have Beth Comstock, Vice Chair at General Electric, return to the Transition stage to speak about where leaders can make the most impact in transforming an organization. We hope you’ll join us on September 28 to hear how she and other marketing leaders are driving change and innovation at their brands.

For a teaser of what you can expect in New York: in San Francisco, we heard about how Electronic Arts is creating content for our shrinking attention spans, and how Cisco is executing a 360-degree transformation of its customer experience. We heard how one fearless CMO is making the rest of the organization sit up and take notice of her department, turning it into the growth engine for the company. We also heard how another inspiring CMO has taken on the mammoth task of unifying a healthcare network of over 50,000 employees and 33 different CEOs under a single brand ethos.

No matter how diverse each challenge, they were connected by a common thread: each individual or organization is at the forefront of driving real, tangible change, whether that’s within their team, their brand, their consumer base, or the world at large. They may be changing how their team does their jobs through better processes and systems, or changing how the world experiences their brand through better products and services. We’ll continue to explore this theme of digital change — and see how the best in the industry are doing it – this September.

Marketers today are faced with disruptions across the digital ecosystem, and for the first time, they are in the driver’s seat as change agents for the brand. Whether it’s the urgency behind achieving omnichannel excellence, or the ever-growing complexity of marketing, one thing is clear: things aren’t slowing down. At Transition New York, we’ll bring over 300 marketers together to discuss:

  • How CMOs and marketing leaders can uproot traditional processes in favor of agile methods and systems
  • How brands can prepare for an omnichannel future
  • How technology and systems play a central role in driving digital transformation

Join us on September 28 at Spring Studios in the heart of Tribeca, for a day that will inspire and challenge you to think about your role as a marketing change maker.

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