Today pretty much all marketing is content marketing – meaning that the quality of your brand’s content and the strength of the strategy behind it are more critical than ever for driving brand and revenue growth. To meet this mandate, the content marketer’s toolkit has had to account for more strategic elements: aligning content with the customer journey, planning across channels, and translating your brand message across geographies. Here are six cheat sheets that are must-haves for any content marketer:

  1. The Marketer’s Content Strategy Manual
    Your content strategy is the thread that unites all your tactical activations around your goals and brand values. It’s essential for delivering a consistent message to your audience and providing performance benchmarks to measure against. An effective content marketing strategy has 11 core components – our manual provides a step-by-step guide to mastering all of them.
  2. Customer Journey Map Template
    Before you start creating content, you have to understand who your audience is and how and when you can best engage them. Our template helps you create seamless customer experiences by revealing how your content maps to the buyer’s journey and helping you plan how to deliver value at every opportunity.
  3. The Marketer’s Guide to Omnichannel Planning
    Once you’ve nailed down your content strategy and your customer journey, how do you actually plan a campaign that can succeed on a global, omnichannel scale? This guide will help you implement a global briefing strategy and planning workflow that will enable your team work together – and with agency partners.
  4. The Definitive Marketing Calendar Template
    If you’ve developed a strategy for content creation and omnichannel coordination, you need to map it to a system that helps you execute and measure your output. This template provides a framework for visualizing your campaign plans and identifying strategic gaps and opportunities.
  5. A Checklist for Creating Exceptional Content
    You’ve already decided what you need to create and what you’re trying to achieve, but how do you ensure that everything your team produces is effective? This checklist – compiled by Sequoia Capital’s Head of Content James Buckhouse – is full of actionable tips on creating high-performing content for any medium.
  6. The Definitive Guide to Global-to-Local Marketing
    So now you’ve got outstanding content, a strategy behind it, and a way to map it your goals. But how do you make all this work globally? How do you share your best content with your regional peers and ensure that you’re getting access their best ideas? This guide will take you through best practices for leveraging your brand’s global scale to enrich your content strategy.