From the beginning, Percolate has been a platform built by marketers for marketers. Since then, we’ve continuously delivered features that solve some of the most pervasive and fundamental challenges that marketing organizations face on a daily basis. Our mission is to build the System of Record for Marketing®, and this quarter we’ve taken a huge leap toward that end with a truly game-changing set of new features.

For a detailed introduction to all of our updated features, current customers should visit our Success Center. Here are a few of the highlights:

Introducing: the Future of Marketing Calendars

The modern marketing organization needs a way to manage the increasing complexity of coordinating marketing activity. Whether this be working with multiple regional teams to deliver a coordinated global launch or delivering a sophisticated layered integrated marketing campaign, marketers need a calendar that can handle the scale of a digital world.

The new Percolate Marketing Calendar is, we believe, the best marketing calendar system ever built. It allows marketers to see all the activity in their organization, across the globe, through channels, and for all brands in one place.

The ability to visualize and group campaigns and content by strategic pillars, product lines, regions, themes, and other custom fields makes the Percolate Marketing Calendar the ultimate marketing planning system. With flexible and configurable views at both the campaign and creative level, Percolate puts your entire team on the same page, while allowing each individual to see a calendar that reflects the goals and needs of their job. For example, marketing executives can have a high-level view of the calendar with insights into what campaigns are in the pipeline and which strategic priorities each campaign ladders up to. Frontline marketers, on the other hand, can view the same information but with a granular view of the creative going out for each campaign across channels.

We believe that this is a step change for enterprise marketing organizations, and helps solve the visibility, coordination, and governance issues that hamper brand growth. The value of this technology in the enterprise is best demonstrated by our customers, who are already seeing the difference that a dynamic, centralized calendar can make. In the words of Gary Forsyth from Verizon go90, “The Marketing Calendar’s clean interface makes it easier for me see everything happening across my organization.”

Connecting Workflows and Performance

As marketers, we know how much time can be spent following-up and checking on the status of projects and campaigns within your organization. With campaign and task operational reporting in Percolate, you can compile customizable reports of what your team is working on and how they’re progressing, making it easier than ever to identify who in your organization is doing what and how this work relates to your strategic priorities. For the first time, marketers have quantitative visibility into marketing production processes and can granularly tie their team’s work to their brand’s success. Percolate Analytics now lets you answer questions such as:

  • What is the status of all campaigns related to my strategic goals?
  • Are all of our product lines being supported by the right mix of campaigns?
  • How much work is remaining for a specific campaign?
  • Which assigned tasks are overdue, and who is responsible?

Making Campaign Management a Click Away

Percolate Campaigns have been helping marketers centralize their workflows and streamline collaboration across their organization for years. But today, we’ve made campaign workflows better than ever. With added editing functionality, marketers can more easily organize and revise their ideas in briefs and collaborative workspaces.

Breaking Down Global Silos

One of the biggest challenges facing global brands today is making content globally consistent, yet locally relevant. The Percolate Asset Manager is now even better suited to facilitating global-to-local coordination. Improved sharing controls makes it easy for teams to collaborate cross-functionally or limit who can use individual or groups of assets.

Additionally, we’ve revamped our Settings functionality and introduced the System Administrator role, which gives a designated team member streamlined access to the global structure of their Percolate instance, allowing brands to set granular permissions and sharing structures across their organization. This is not only saving marketers time but is helping ensure global consistency by allowing flexible sharing of metadata, brief templates, and workspace templates across teams and regions.


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