Content is the atomic unit of brand communications – it’s how you connect with customers, build purchase consideration, and tell the narrative that drives revenue growth. In a way, all marketing is content marketing. After all, the foundational laws of marketing, backed by considerable research from the IPA, McKinsey, and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, say that brand and sales growth require (1) getting reach on (2) creative, attention-getting communications that (3) consistently reinforce the brand over time. That starts with content.

But when it comes to marketing orchestration, content production and distribution are just one piece of a larger puzzle. As brand-building becomes increasingly global, multi-channel, and agile, most marketers still suffer from painful challenges with visibility, coordination, and quality control. Budgets and resources aren’t increasing, emails, spreadsheets and other files feel endlessly disorganized, and there’s rarely enough time to keep pace, let alone step back and look at the big picture.

Two years ago, Percolate introduced the first, unified system for marketers to plan, coordinate, and measure all their content – for any channel or any format. By helping teams accelerate and standardize their workflows, break down silos, and centralize assets, we’ve already helped thousands of marketers get back to marketing – in other words, get back to focusing on campaigns and content that deliver better experiences to more consumers. In short, we’re making it easier for brands to produce higher quality offers and get more mileage out of everything they make.

Today, we’re proud to highlight that Percolate was named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Content Marketing Platforms, Q2 2017 Report. The report evaluates Percolate’s current offerings, strategy, and market presence against eight other content marketing offerings. Percolate was the only leader in the previous iteration of this Wave. Percolate was cited for tackling “the most intractable challenges of real enterprise content marketing” and received the highest scores among all vendors in the strategy category. We also received the highest score among all vendors in the governance criterion, the highest possible score in the services criterion (for customer service and success), and the second-highest score in the utilization criterion.

We also received 4.6 out of a possible 5 points in the market presence category, a testament to the 800+ brands managing their integrated marketing efforts in Percolate each day. Our customers are the foundation of our business and the inspiration behind everything we do. Their stories also demonstrate the potential of systems to empower and enable creativity around the world.

For example, last year, a global technology company with over 30 million customers turned to Percolate to align and diversify their content mix with corporate growth initiatives. Today, their teams use Percolate to plan and execute content across channels – including social on their 15+ corporate handles, 400+ global events, website pages, and daily blog posts. Percolate lets corporate and regional marketing teams seamlessly collaborate on content production, scale their operations, and – with a glance – control the quality of everything the brand produces around the world.

We’ve come a long way on our journey to building the System of Record for Marketing, and are grateful to Forrester for the continued recognition. If you’re interested in seeing how Percolate can help you see, organize, and improve your marketing, get in touch to talk to a Percolate expert today.