At Percolate we’re dedicated to improving visibility, collaboration and governance for marketers around the world. I’m excited to share that we’re taking a significant step on this journey with our latest quarterly product release.

In our mission to build The System of Record for Marketing, we are committed to not only release significant new capabilities to you every quarter, but also make it easier for our customers to adopt our newest features. This release is another sign of our commitment to rapidly improving Percolate to meet our customers’ needs, and we look forward to three more major launches this year.

This release brings some truly groundbreaking features to the Percolate platform in the areas of campaign management and analytics. Some highlights include:

Analytics 2.0: A Flexible System for Global Visibility

In this exciting update, we’re introducing new capabilities to provide deep insights into creative and campaign performance. The new Analytics in Percolate is built from the ground up for marketers including a complete redesign of our visualization tools. With our new report builder, you can unify performance data by product line, regions, brand pillars, content strategies, targeted audiences or other custom fields and taxonomies. You can create custom reports to answer ad hoc questions like:

  • What was the overall engagement across channels and regions?
  • How well did we perform this season vs. last season?
  • How effective were the regions executing my global campaigns?
  • Which content resonated well and should be repurposed in similar markets?
  • What was the mix of creative developed by strategic pillars?

For any of these questions, you can display performance in various visualizations including carousels, time series, stacked areas, pivot tables and more.  With the analytics pivot tables, you can slice and dice data down to almost any detail or roll-up the data to compare across your teams.



This long-awaited feature lets you close the loop on your content and campaigns, by truly giving you a home for your quantitative insights. You can now have full visibility into how your campaigns are performing across time, market, and more. And since we understand organizations have different needs and definitions of success and engagement, you can define your own custom KPIs to report on.

Global Governance Made Easy

In one of our biggest functional improvements is automated campaign templates – we’ve reenvisioned campaign creation entirely, making it easier than ever to scale your operations while keeping your marketing activity on strategy. Do you have a campaign your team activates against every year, every quarter, or even every week? Are your campaigns delayed due to lack of clarity around requirements? Is your content ever off brand, unplanned, or misaligned with your marketing strategy? You can now use predefined templates to jump-start campaigns so your teams can get going on the most important part of their job — creating brilliant marketing



With these templates, your team has  pre-approved, best-practice playbooks to run successful campaigns. You don’t need to memorize the components of each brief anymore or copy-paste the same things over again. Just as importantly, templates make sure key campaign metadata is captured without the need for time-consuming, error-prone data entry. Lastly, templates can be created from existing campaigns, so you can easily use your best-performing work to set the standard for how your team kicks off every project.

Campaigns: A Central Space for Creative Collaboration

Every campaign needs a toolkit of materials to make it truly successful. Our improved Asset Manager lets you do several things directly within the context of your campaigns and creative: preview assets, upload assets directly to specific folders, access saved searches, set required custom metadata upon upload, and sort assets to more easily find what you need. These improvements help you act and collaborate on assets directly within your core marketing workflows and work with your content faster than ever.

We know that the marketer’s mandate is increasingly global, cross–functional, and multi-channel. For many marketers, managing this complexity is the name of the game, and success rests on the ability to effectively visualize and govern your team’s process and output, while fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration. We believe that The System of Record for Marketing is the solution to the evolving challenges faced by marketers globally and are committed to delivering on this vision in this and future product releases.

Check back here on our blog over the next few weeks for a preview of some of these exciting features and stay tuned for our next release in May.

Visit our Success Center for more details, or contact us at if you have any questions or feedback.