Today, we’re excited to announce the arrival of our very first quarterly product release. This is a big step in our mission to build The System of Record for Marketing®. While we have always been committed to shipping — and remain so — it’s hard for our customers to effectively learn about a constant drip of new features at such a fast pace. In an effort to make Percolate marketers more successful, we will release new product features and functionality on a quarterly cadence, beginning with this Q4 2016 release. Along with each release will come a suite of communications and training materials designed to help you and your team make the most of these enhancements to Percolate.

Here are just some of the exciting new features in the Q4 2016 release:

Dynamic link tracking made easy

You’re probably used to manually creating and monitoring tracking codes to evaluate content performance. You might have used tools like Excel or Google Sheets to manage your URL tags. This just isn’t scalable and doesn’t allow for quick and easy analysis of content performance. Percolate now applies tracking to links dynamically. Our tracking tag builder provides a system for automatically building links, so URLs and content can be measured effectively.

Actionable Facebook analytics

Prior to this release, Percolate provided reporting on owned and earned media, but not paid. Now, for the first time, brands can supplement their performance data in Percolate and gain a unified view of their paid, owned, and earned media performance on Facebook.


Enhanced Facebook publishing

The Facebook carousel post type is one of the most successful post types brands use for ad creation on Facebook. You can now create Facebook carousel posts directly in Percolate, without having to go to the native platform. You can also add “call-to-action” buttons and preview what the post will look like on a mobile device. With these new capabilities, we’ve improved our approval workflows, so you can approve content right within the creative page without having to navigate to another page.

Additional LinkedIn publishing

The Q4 2016 release also lets you create LinkedIn posts with rich media, including images and PDFs. What’s more, you can now preview what these posts will look like on a mobile device. As a marketer, this lets you use visual content to maximize audience engagement on LinkedIn.


Manage published social posts

One of our most requested features is finally here: you can now associate any post with a campaign, regardless of when and where it was created. You can also search for campaigns right from the Percolate creative form, making it easier than ever to associate creative with a campaign. This enables ongoing post and campaign management, as well as engagement measurement.

I hope you take a moment to try our newest features. We’re already looking forward to the features that will be part of our Q1 2017 release in February. Check back on our blog over the next few weeks for a preview of some of these exciting features.

As always, we’d love to hear from you at if you have any questions or feedback.