For any spirits brand, monitoring and managing a social presence can be risky territory. Digital marketing communications must be closely managed to ensure that they’re intended for adults of legal purchasing age. For community managers, this often means time-consuming age verification, a process of cross-checking between their social software and the native publishing platform. This could mean hours spent combing through social media profiles before reacting, equating to valuable time lost for a brand that could be proactively engaging with its audience.

To alleviate what can become a cumbersome back and forth, Percolate has partnered with Earshot, a social marketing platform, to help Anheuser-Busch and 12 of their leading brands quickly find, filter, and reply to social posts from individuals that are verified to be 21+ in the United States.


Earshot’s proprietary scoring system stitches together variables like age verification, location, and logo detection in real time to help community managers prioritize posts that are from users of legal drinking age. Integrated into Percolate’s monitoring dashboard, Earshot’s Decibel Level™ scoring system helps Anheuser-Busch community managers instantly prioritize posts that yield the highest engagement rates and save them hours of time vetting posts for engagement.

“Integrating Earshot’s unique age-gating capabilities into the Percolate monitoring streams has allowed us to dramatically reduce response times and engage more consumers on a daily basis. Through the integration, we can now review, age-gate and respond to posts without leaving Percolate.”

— Courtney Weissman, Bud Light Community Manager.

Through the integration, response times have been reduced by more than five times and delivered significant productivity gains back to ABI.     

Anheuser-Busch’s focus on one-on-one engagements on social is a key part of their digital marketing strategy and through this enhanced form of social filtering, they’ll be able to engage more users on a daily basis.

Through this partnership, Percolate and Earshot are helping marketers do more with less resources by adding a new dimension to social media filtering and prioritization. Percolate’s monitoring streams powered by Earshot’s Decibel Level scoring system gives marketers a new way to discover and prioritize social media posts in real time.  In addition to age-verification, variables such as location, social influence, weather, or logo detection, marketers are now able to more quickly find the moments that matter so brands can engage when the impact is most lasting.