Today the Percolate team is proud to announce several new product features that represent incredible progress on our mission to build The System of Record for Marketing®. As head of the Product team at Percolate, I spend a lot of time listening to marketers, and I’ve heard from them how difficult is to answer simple questions like: What is my team working on? What are other teams working on? What campaigns are live across our marketing channels? How is the content performing? The features announced today will give marketers the answers they’re looking for and more. Let me tell you a little bit about each new feature.

Teams and Hierarchies


One of the biggest challenges for global brand teams has been how to coordinate your marketing across brands and regions. Most software systems weren’t designed for the matrixed brand/category/market structure of most marketing organizations. We have spent the last year building a new permissions and sharing model that gives you the ability to adapt Percolate to your unique brand hierarchy and organizational structure.

The Teams and Hierarchies feature gives you the ability to share a campaign globally or even give permission for certain teams to collaborate on the master campaign. You can also create local variants of assets that can be tracked globally but accessed only locally. Each brand, region, and marketing team can have its own environment while still being totally connected for reporting and sharing purposes.


What does this enable? Global visibility with granular control. I think it’s a huge breakthrough for our customers, and we can’t wait to roll out the first phase of Teams and Hierarchies in early 2017.

Program Templates



Marketing teams tend to have a core set of activities that they do over and over again, like creating and distributing a blog post, executing a social media campaign, launching a product, or entering a new market. We see this in our data and in conversations with marketers. Program Templates allow marketers to have pre-set workflows, deliverables, and approvals for the marketing activities that they do all the time. This is a big time saver and lets marketers focus on creative tasks, not process. Program templates will be available before the end of the year.


Analytics has always been one of most popular parts of the platform, and the one for which I get the most feature requests. We’ve been working on a totally new Analytics architecture for over a year and just released it into beta. Percolate Analytics gives our customers insights into their marketing activities with an incredibly dynamic and interactive UI that is delightful to use.

But what really makes it unique is its ability to report on content and operational analytics, so you can ask and get the answers to: What is my content mix? What is that status of our marketing initiatives? Only a true system of record provide this kind of insight, and Percolate is that system for marketers. Social analytics is available in beta today, and content and operational analytics will be available early next year.


These new features will help our customers map their brands and organizations, systemize  routine marketing activities, and measure the results. This enables them to spend more time building their brand, and less time managing the complexity of their marketing.