New product or service launches are huge milestones for companies no matter how large they are. It’s an occasion for the entire company to coordinate — from the people creating the product and the people forecasting sales to, of course, the marketers who need to let audiences know that the perfect solution to their challenges is now available.

For big companies, the gamut of tactics that need coordination to promote product awareness could include mass digital and traditional advertising, special offers with partners, previews for select influencers like reviewers or journalists, or intricate games and experiences. If you’re a small company, your promotional aims shouldn’t be so ambitious, but there’s no less a need for coordination, efficiency, and creativity. The resource constraints of a lean team means everyone needs to make an outsized impact to succeed.

And if you’re a new company, focusing on your very first product launch, the bar to a successful launch is even higher. Not only is your team small — your goal is now to create an entirely new brand in the mind of your customer. You need to ensure that you’re consistently distinct as you make a splash, defining and abiding by brand identity guidelines.

inploi solved those product launch challenges, both now and in the future, by using Percolate from Day One.


London-based inploi is an app that aims to solve hiring challenges for the hospitality industry, where employee churn can be a big problem. It sits somewhere between LinkedIn and Lyft in this way; the inploi platform connects people looking for ad-hoc or longer-term work with establishments who need workers. And it launched last month, with just seven total employees.

It launched with Percolate, showing that The System of Record for Marketing® is both powerful enough to launch a product and flexible enough to grow with a company’s operations.

Branding materials and assets like logos and visuals were kept in Percolate’s centralized asset manager, ensuring that all communications stay on-brand.

Percolate’s ability to schedule and republish high-performing social posts on Twitter proved a powerful feature for Malan Jacobs, inploi’s Communications Manager, based in South Africa. And Co-Founders Alex Hanson-Smith and Matthew de la Hey, both based in London, are able to make sure communications stay on-brand through automated approval workflows.

Of course, it isn’t a product launch without news coverage. That’s why the team created campaign briefs centered around earned media, keeping the company aligned by assigning tasks within the platform. To find even more potential media coverage, inploi configured its Percolate monitoring streams to search for relevant journalist requests the company can fulfill.

That’s what led to the company’s initial press release, in addition to mentions in publications like TechCrunch and The Guardian.

Learn more about how inploi is powering the communications for its launch by reading the case study on our partnership.