DJ Herbert Holler, along with a few cups of coffee, made for an energetic start to Day Two at Transition. Feet were a little sore from dancing to Questlove at Transition Off the Record, and minds were whirring with the Day One learnings, but everyone was ready for more.

Day Two of Transition was all about Brands in Transition, and we heard from Percolate customers like Mastercard, Levi’s, the Atlanta Hawks, Johnson Controls, and more, on how they are leading through change.

Here’s our recap of the best of Day Two.

1. You need to have a point of view on the future

 Unilever CMO Keith Weed kicked off the day with a powerful keynote that reaffirmed the themes of the conference. The challenge to marketers today is to create impact at scale. He said, “marketers need to stop selling products and start providing services to people.” To this end, he encourages brands to find ways to interact with people and meet them where they are. Unilever put this into practice with Dove, and their Curly Hair Emoji Project. In it, they created a series of emojis that represent women of all different ethnicities with curly hair. Even though the project was simple, it recognized customers as unique individuals while leveraging a social media phenomenon. The campaign got over one billion impressions. You read that right. Billion.

2. Set the conditions for storytelling

Jennifer Sey, CMO of Levi’s, said she feels lucky to work for a brand that people want to tell stories about. And she’s heard a lot of inspiring stories from customers about their Levi’s. A girl who is bullied at school feels the most confident when she wears her Levi’s. Another man thinks of his Levi’s as his best friend because they are with him for the most important moments in his life. No matter what you sell, you should create the conditions where people can form a bond with your brand. “People might wear other jeans, but they live in Levi’s,” Sey said. “Our mission is to capture these stories every day, and create the conditions where fans can create new ones.”

3. Hire your audience

Alex Ayling of BBC Worldwide Digital Studios gave his Transition workshop audience a lot of actionable advice. His number one tip was to hire your audience. “We took audience engagement to the extreme by going out and hiring them,” Ayling said. “When you bring your viewers in-house, they’ll make great content because they’re already fans.” BBC Worldwide does this by hiring Youtubers to create content about their passions. In other words, “Combine the storytelling of a professional, with the enthusiasm of a fan.” Because, after all, “Just because you can be a studio doesn’t mean you’ll be good at it.” Solid advice.

4. The future of sports is here

Two of the day’s keynotes emphasized how much sports are changing to embrace digital and social. “We are not just a sports brand. We’re an entertainment brand,” said Melissa Proctor, CMO of the Atlanta Hawks. “Bright player uniforms and exciting game day experiences are important parts of shifting the Hawks branding,” she said, showing the audience the game schedule they released made entirely out of emojis. World Surf League CEO Paul Speaker rounded out the day in a conversation with James Gross. “I think if the NFL knew then what it knows now, they’d have invested in NFL channels earlier,” he said. His message was clear: surfing is a sport made for digital and social, and the WSL is on a mission to deliver a sport that is “completely embedded in a lifestyle and culture,” one that is “becoming available for the first time en masse.”

5. Marketing teams are about to get a lot more visibility

Nate Stewart, our Director of Project Management, walked the audience through Percolate’s new product features, including Program Templates, Teams and Hierarchies, and a revamped Analytics architecture. “The big challenge for our customers is this huge increase in demand for content driven by more audiences, in more channels,” Nate said. Now, it’s far easier for teams in Percolate to communicate with each other, save time on repeat activities, and get an in-depth view into how their content mix is performing.

Transition 2016 may be over, but the opportunity to build brand and gain market continues to be all yours. As Keith Weed said, “The world is in transition. Marketing is in transition. There’s never been a more exciting time to be in the business.”