If you’ve watched business movies from the 80’s, you know that when a deal is won someone needs to hit that gong. A victory ceremony that results in a vibrant sound. People start screaming with joy. The Wolf of Wall Street showed us things can get even weirder.

We’ve avoided all of that at Percolate. When our Sales team is successful in helping a company purchase our software (and in doing so, fundamentally change the way their marketing organization operates) the team sitting around the closing Sales Executive claps, cross desk high-fives optional. Because it’s 2016, an email is sent to the business team, graphics are displayed on our TV displays, and, well, we have a bot that announces deals on a Slack channel. Cue thematic emojis.

Today we’ve taken the celebration of our customers a step further. Introducing: the Percolate Hero Wall.


We believe our customers are heroes. These are the companies that believe their operations will be improved with technology. Percolate technology. From this day forward, at the start of each quarter, we are going to frame the logos of customers who have joined, expanded and renewed their subscription to Percolate in the previous quarter.

It’s a simple idea that aims to embed our customers further into our company culture. Let me explain: many things define our culture. Our people, values, projects, locations, and events, to name a few. As these things evolve, so does our culture. We wanted to bring our customers to the front line. We wanted to start more conversations around the great brands we’re helping build. We wanted to acknowledge the hard work of our business and product teams, who collaborate to demonstrate the value of our software to our customers.

To be honest, I’ve actually had nightmares about this project. It’s been approximately 5 years in the making. When posed with the question, “How do we put our client logos on the office walls?” A designer’s immediate reaction to this is, “Oh, we have quite a few customers…Do you mean covering the walls with logos? I’m not sure if we want to do that. The white space looks great, don’t you think?” Well, I’m glad we put our heads together and worked something out. This project has been a great collaboration between sales, design and employee experience.


We’re going to start installing the Hero Wall across our offices in the coming weeks. In doing so, we’re going beyond the gong, and making our customers part of our fabric.