We, as marketers, are hard-pressed to get their work done as efficiently as possible. We’ve never had more content to create across more channels and regions. Keeping up with this demand means making sure people, processes, and technology are all working in lock-step.

Percolate, as The System of Record for Marketing®, is committed to bringing these elements together through our product offering. In doing so, we’re making sure marketers can get more work done faster than ever before.

That’s why on top of our recent mobile release, we’ve shipped over 20 features in recent months to help you plan, manage, and execute your campaigns. Watch Percolate product manager Veronica Hudson and product designer Anne Foley explain how these features are streamlining the approval processes, making it easier to find the information and resources you need to create content, and empowering your users with tailored, custom roles.

To hear more about the Percolate’s vision and newest features, join us for Transition Conference 2016 in New York City, September 20-21.