When it comes to customer service, there’s a difference between response management and response marketing. Response management is relatively easier, because it refers to how quickly you resolve a customer’s issue. Response marketing is about turning that resolution into an opportunity to deliver your brand message at a personal level.

The prominence of social media has made both response management and response marketing more complex than ever. Global brands now have to address concerns in multiple languages from larger audiences expecting speedy responses across different time zones. That time crunch is compounded when you consider responses have to be approved to ensure compliance with local regulations and brand governance guidelines.

That’s the situation WD’s customer support team found itself in. As a global leader in digital storage, the customer support team faced increasing customer inquiries coming to them via social channels. The team had to find a way to both reduce the speed to resolution and make sure their responses were on-brand and compliant with regulations.

You can’t accomplish that without a system that centralizes the comments being made about your brand on social; allows for pre-approved, on-brand responses; is tailored to the approvals process; and enables individuals to take work mobile.

WD turned to Percolate for a way to manage its social customer support team and processes. Since adopting Percolate, the brand has stored over 30 pre-approved responses, cut the average response time by 35%, and taken advantage of mobile to manage world workflows. “I love the Percolate mobile app suite,” Katie Wilson, a global customer specialist at WD, told us. “It makes it easy to approve posts while I am in meetings and on the fly.”

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