Enter our #Transition2015 Giveaway for your chance to win tickets to Transition and an Apple Watch.

Here at Percolate, we are excited about our Transition conference. This year, we have assembled speakers who are experts on how technology is leading us to a richer, more connected world that is increasingly run on software.  UNICEF Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and UNICEF Ventures Rajesh Anandan will discuss how wearables are now a driving force in advancing the organization’s mission. The Santa Fe Institute’s Geoffrey West will talk about how cities grow as networks, making them more efficient. And Coca Cola’s Chief Sustainability Officer Bea Perez will explain how technology is enabling one of the world’s largest brands to become more responsible to the environment.

Not only are we talking about the profound impact technology has on marketing, we’ll be looking at how technology has changed the world.


We want to hear from you. How has technology impacted your life? How has it changed your world for the better?

By participating in our social media competition, #Transition2015 Giveaway, you will enter in a chance to win a ticket to this year’s conference on September 24th in New York City and an Apple Watch.

Here’s how you can enter the #Transition2015 Giveaway:

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We look forward to learning how technology has changed your world. To get you started, here are a few examples from some of us here at Percolate, and check back as we continue to update this page with submissions:


General Rules:

We are accepting submissions until September 17th at 11:59 PM EST. Each winner will receive an Apple Watch (valued at $500) and a ticket to Transition Conference on September 24th in New York City (valued at $1,000). We will randomly select three winners internally and externally and notify them on September 18 by 6:00 PM EST via Twitter or Instagram. While this competition is open to anyone, we will not be able to provide accommodation or travel to the conference. To learn more about Transition, visit www.transitionconference.com.