This is the first year that the Percolate Product Team has welcomed interns for the summer. Percolate is growing. The engineering internship program is ultimately about finding talented student engineers to help us ship our product. We want to get the word out that Percolate is hiring, that we’re an amazing place to work and that we have super-smart people working on interesting problems. We also want to provide our engineers opportunities to develop their own skills by mentoring others.

Our top priority was to provide direction for each of our student engineers by giving them a focused problem to solve. We asked for mentors to volunteer to work with an intern for the summer. Each mentor was required to submit a project proposal that was well-scoped, could be finished in 10 weeks, and contributed meaningfully to the product. Our Growth Team worked with mentors to identify candidates, grade code tests, and select a handful of finalists for an on-site speed-dating round that resulted in six intern hires.

It’s important to us that the summer experience at Percolate be real. Interns are engineers who are working with us for a short time, but will hopefully be back to work with us again. They’re treated as full members of the engineering team and held to the same standards as anyone else. Their mentors guide them through our process, act as expert resources on the technologies they’re working with, and give them feedback. Ultimately, though, they have the responsibility of ownership for their projects. Just like any member of our team, they have deadlines to meet and standards to uphold. They’re responsible for the quality of their code and they know that they’ll have a lasting impact on our product even after the summer is over.

This first experience has been so successful that we’ve expanded the internship program to include engineering students participating in university co-op programs. Co-op students will allow us to have interns working one-on-one with mentors year round. Our Growth Team is assembling a campus recruiting program that will help us identify top tier engineering students for summer and co-op internships. Our ultimate goal is to be able to establish relationships with amazing undergrad and grad students who can transition to full-time employment. We want to build the best Product Team in the industry and internships are a huge part of that.

With that, here are Percolate’s first class of Product Interns:

Peter (Panagis) Alisandratos

Peter Alisandatos Percolate Product Intern

School and Major: NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, Computer Science

Summer Project: Peter transcoded ingested files into usable variants.

Most Valuable Lesson: The process of integrating new features to an existing application and ensuring the changes these features bring are reflected on preexisting assets.

I learned a lot about how to improve my overall coding.

Ayana Dawkins

Ayana Dawkins Percolate Product Manangement Intern

School and Major: Columbia University School of Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Entrepreneurship and Innovation (minor)

Summer Project: Ayana defined the workflow and cross-department integration of Percolate’s new Enterprise Services and Client Engineering Teams.

Most Valuable Lesson: Understanding the intricacies of Product Management. While organizing the actual product team is crucial, cross-departmental collaboration and interfacing is just as integral! Also, a good mentor is invaluable.

The mentorship and the opportunity to have a lot of responsibility has been the best part.

Sandeep Joshi

Sandeep Joshi Percolate Poduct Engineer

School and Major: Stevens Institute of Technology, Computer Science – Cloud Computing + Analytics

Summer Project: Building an error detection engine that marks faulty metrics sent from APIs like Bitly, Facebook, Youtube, etc. and sends out notifications to backend if it fits epidemic criteria as well as an abnormality detection system to identify spikes (posts going viral or drop in interest) in channel analytics data. As part of the project, Sandeep validated the system against historical data and corroborated the top ten spikes with Google trends and Twitter analytics.

Most Valuable Lesson: Understanding what goes into building an excellent product—industry standards, practices and QAs and test scripts. It was an under-the-hood glance into some gears and other bells and whistles, giving me a new found appreciation for GIT. Last but not the least, I learned a new coding language: Python.

Every day I feel excited to come here because no two days are the same.

Qingxian Lai

Qianxian Lai Percolate Product Intern

School and Major: New York University, Data Science

Summer Project: Qingxian delivered application activity in real time using Websocket.

Most Valuable Lesson: Gaining a deeper understanding about web development and getting familiar with some popular frameworks on the server side—Tornado, Django, on the front-end—Backbone.js, and on in the message queue—Redis.

Jackie Luo

Jackie Luo Percolate QA Engineering Intern

School and Major: Columbia University, Computer Science and Philosophy

Summer Project: Jackie build a mobile automation framework for iOS and Android apps.

Most Valuable Lesson: How different parts of the product connect to the mobile apps and what really goes into pushing production-level code.

It’s great to be working somewhere with a great product and at a company that has a lot of momentum.

Wells Lucas Santo

Wells Lucas Santos Percolate Product Intern

School and Major: NYU School of Engineering, (BS) Computer Engineering and (MS) Computer Science

Summer Project: Wells built a list view alternative to grid view in the asset manager.

Most Valuable Lesson: Working with such a large codebase, quickly adapting to the established style and workflow, and learning how to better write and test production-level products.

The project that I work on is very client-facing, and it’s pretty cool to be able to see my code implemented immediately.


Percolate Summer Interns 2015

This class of interns was spectacular and all of Percolate benefitted from their presence in the office and their work on the product. We will be opening applications for our next class of interns in the coming weeks. Check our Jobs page for updates.