When you’re the world’s second largest advertiser, it can be challenging to monitor and manage your brand  locally while maintaining global oversight and consistency. With high-equity brands like Dove, Axe, Lipton, and Magnum under its umbrella, Unilever marketers consistently tasked with localizing relevant messages. So how do Unilever’s teams accomplish? How do they reduce non-working media costs while also ensuring teams are producing and distributing quality creative?

Technology plays a central role in Unilever’s efforts to scale its business, helping it propel a single idea across platforms and geographies. According to Aaron Rajan, Unilever’s Head of Technology for North America, “It’s critical that CMOs recognize the opportunity of technology. We’re very lucky at Unilever that we have a very progressive CMO…And he recognized the importance of technology in marketing automation very early on in his career as CMO.”

As a first-mover to deploy a technology platform that centralizes global brand management, Unilever’s CMO Keith Weed enabled a new type of marketer: one who can focus on relevance and creativity, because administrative marketing workflows and agency collaboration have become so streamlined. With Percolate in place, Unilever is generating millions of dollars in operational cost savings, while saving teams hours each week creating and approving content. “Percolate has helped us to reduce our non-working costs, it’s helped us to focus our investment on the things that matter—so on the creative rather than on tooling and on the process,” says Rajan.

So what lies ahead for marketers? “There is a real opportunity for CMOs to use tools like Percolate to get real-time feedback on how they are performing in the market,” says Rajan. Watch Rajan’s full conversation with Percolate to see how Unilever uses technology to build and manage its brand.