For MasterCard, content marketing has become synonymous with managing a vast ecosystem of original, branded content. The center of this ecosystem is the Engagement Bureau, a virtual publishing hub that aggregates all of the brand’s news, press releases, research insights, and other editorial. Writers are based in seven regions and publish in 15 different languages, a testament to MasterCard’s global reach.

Building brand recognition — also known as brand salience — across MasterCard’s international audience requires consistent, distinct messaging to different consumer categories, regions, and demographic segments. MasterCard’s brand publishing operations enable and reinforce this recognizability. Today, thanks to its editorial efforts, MasterCard’s content is exposed to 30 million people weekly across its social and digital channels.

An integral part of creating a globally recognized brand through locally relevant content is building an ecosystem for content production and distribution across different internal teams and geographic markets. At Percolate, we’re pleased to be an important part of that ecosystem. Centralizing all of MasterCard’s ideas and executions in one place enables process standardization, better brand consistency across regions, faster idea sharing between teams, and wider operational adoption—all crucial to building and maintaining a global publishing presence. “Percolate is the connective tool that keeps the worldwide communications team in lockstep together when we create global campaigns,” says Jennifer Stalzer, MasterCard’s Vice President of Global Digital Communications.

When your content team functions like a media company, maintaining a transparent briefing process couldn’t be more important. Equally important is maintaining visual consistency, which MasterCard does through ensuring it only uses branded assets. “Visual ID goes a long way to creating stickiness for your band that it stands for something. Without Percolate, we didn’t have that,” says Stalzer.

Watch the full video to see how MasterCard keeps its brand salient with quality branded content.