If your department has a small social media team, it likely needs to save as much time as it possibly can. The constant availability of customers on social platforms—thanks in no small part to the rise of mobile—puts an onus on marketers to constantly schedule and produce content. And that focus on constant production leaves the team you manage little time for performance assessment and strategy.

With marketing resources shifting more and more toward social efforts, those small teams have a lot to prove. Yet without the right tools, they likely have have to deal with a constant time crunch, inefficient content production, and a lack of visibility into what’s working.

That’s the type of position Freshpet found itself in. A two-person team handles social media on behalf of the company, which since 2006 has grown to serve over 1 million customers looking to provide natural food for their cats and dogs.

That growth is hard to keep up with if your team is just two-strong (and if they’re trying to meet the demand for cat and dog pictures on social). Making work even harder was decentralized content production assets. “What I was doing in the past was archaic, operating in various different spreadsheets, documents, and spending too much time in and out of different programs,” social media manager Karina Estelle told us.

Freshpet eventually turned to Percolate to create evidence-based content strategies and scale production by streamlining workflows. “Percolate has been a blessing and has saved me 2-3 hours a day,” Estelle said.

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