What happens to an idea or a product without having a brand to push it, to champion it, to make it something for people to care about?

It goes nowhere.

Big ideas often start small, and build towards something great, step by step. Twitter, which didn’t sell anything when it launched, is now a $5 billion tech company that has influenced lives more deeply than the founders could have ever imagined. Kony 2012 was a viral video that grabbed the attention of over 100 million viewers in only six days to lead to the capture of a war criminal. And Leandra Medine’s Man Repeller started as a hobby that got picked up by Refinery29 three days after its launch and led to a digital magazine, a book deal, and multiple collaborations with designer.

What made those ideas spread as quickly and as widely as they did was their systematic execution, fueled by the brand identity they built and subsequently acted against.

We’ve talked previously about the elements of a brand and the various challenges facing modern brand management today. Now we’ve teamed up with Skillshare to develop our first brand management class: Brand Management: Creating What Sets You Apart.

The class will discuss how to develop your brand identity and then how to start implementing it through various brand management tactics.

You don’t technically need to sell anything to have a brand. For our purposes, brand doesn’t mean a corporation; it means any idea with application. It could be a product, a person, a company, an organization, an event, or a publication.

So whether you are the CMO of a Fortune 1000 organization, a founder just launching your own company, an agency strategist, a junior marketer just starting out, or just someone with a few good ideas, it’s important to understand how to think holistically about what your brand stands for and how it communicates that.

Our course with Skillshare will explain how to design and implement an effective strategy to develop a brand.

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Brand Management: Creating What Sets You Apart