Today, Percolate is in its 1,572nd day. In those four years, three months, and 21 days, we’ve built a company on what we think is the best team, product and vision for the future of marketing technology. One of our values is to “judge Percolate against Percolate,” which means we like to measure ourselves against our own high standards. Nonetheless, when respected third party analysts look at our product and objectively state that we are a Leader in a software category — it’s a testament to all the great people who work at Percolate and everything we’ve come together to achieve as a company.

Yesterday, Percolate was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Social Relationship Platforms, Q2 2015 Report from Forrester Research, Inc. The report evaluated Percolate’s current offering, strategy and market presence, along with 10 other most significant software providers of social relationship platforms.

We’re incredibly proud of the results of the Forrester Wave. We’re proud Percolate received the highest score possible in the Corporate Strategy, Workflow and Usability categories. And what we’re particularly excited about is how we believe our vision for The System of Record for Marketing fits into this report:

Percolate boasts a strong current offering but is a Leader primarily because of its bold vision for how social and nonsocial marketing fit together.

Forrester noted how it’s Percolate’s goal “to build a marketing system of record that lets clients centralize their operations across all marketing channels, streamline their workflows and governance, analyze their results, and optimize their marketing programs.”

We believe the report is further acknowledgment that as social platforms mature, the people and the processes behind them will become a larger part of the marketing organization. That too is the vision for The System of Record for Marketing. Social is evolving, marketers’ needs are changing. The System of Record brings organization and clarity to marketing and gives customers the tools to stay in firm control of their future. It’s a single system that brings together each piece of the increasingly complex marketing puzzle.

Here at Percolate, we believe great enterprise technology companies are built on big vision, great product and world-class support, and feel that being cited as a Leader is a testament to the growth and commitment of the entire team at Percolate. We will continue to build The System of Record for Marketing.