At our Client Summit in February we laid out the product roadmap for Percolate and explained how we would become a true platform, increasing the value of the investments our customers have made across their entire enterprise marketing stack. We outlined seven major categories of software where a Percolate integration leads to improved customer experience, better workflows, and value creation as shown below.

Percolate Full Stack Enterprise Marketing Stack

Today we took another step towards this platform goal by announcing a partnership with Bluewolf, a global consulting firm with deep expertise in CRM and Marketing Automation software. Bluewolf has a history of recognizing technology trends and identifying the enterprise software companies that will emerge as winners. An example of this foresight is their early bet on SaaS software, which led them to become the first consulting firm to provide professional services around the CRM solution in 2000. Bluewolf built upon their success in CRM consulting by expanding into Marketing Automation and building practices around email marketing leaders such as Eloqua, ExactTarget, and Marketo.

The average enterprise uses 508 software applications, 65 of which are just for marketing. With today’s announcement, Bluewolf is recognizing a compelling need in the marketing organization, a need for software that allows global enterprises to manage multiple brands, markets, agency partners, and channels, while bringing together all the applications they love and use. Bluewolf’s decision to partner with Percolate is a clear signal that our vision for solving a marketer’s challenge with a System of Record is the right one.

We’re excited to work together with our new partners at Bluewolf in order to build tomorrow’s marketing leaders.