In April 2014, we hosted our first DesignTalk event. Speakers from Squarespace, Artsy, Pattern Pulp, Of a Kind, Percolate and Ghostly International shared stories about their Partners in Crime; the people, tools, and practices that have helped them turn their visions to reality.

In September 2014, we hosted our second DesignTalk event. This time speakers from Betaworks, Etsy, Pluspool, Kollabora, Percolate and Crush & Lovely shared stories around Learning to Hurdle; challenges they had overcome throughout their careers as they built new products and services.

On Tuesday March 24th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm at Bowery Electric, we will host Round 3: DesignTalk: Spaces to Play.

Percolate DesignTalk Spaces to Play

Event theme: Spaces to Play

The relationships we have with our workspaces help shape how we approach building things. We use space to inspire, entertain, collaborate, daydream and find peace of mind. From the layout of a room to the configuration of our workstations, we make choices that influence how we work. What comes with these spaces are memories and stories. Let’s hear about the spaces which have shaped the play of our speakers.

Event format

PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images.

6 Speakers

Sougwen Chung – Artist

Sougwen is an interdisciplinary artist working across technology, sculpture, performance and drawing. Her thought provoking work explores transitional edges; the contrasts between human and machine and technology and emotion.

Sveinung Skaalnes – Hyper Island

Sveinung is Program Director at 30 Weeks, the new incubator for design founders created by Hyper Island, Google and NYC design schools. Prior to 30 Weeks, he led teams and built things across education, digital, fashion, photography and advertising.

Tom Harman – Project Florida

Tom is a Designer at Project Florida, where he is in stealth mode working on products that will bring preventative healthcare to the masses. Tom is a SVA MFA Interaction Design Alum, and previously worked with clients like Speedo, Benetton and BBC.

Lee Simpson – Ustwo

Lee is a designer and strategist at digital product studio, Ustwo. Before arriving in New York he was a lead product designer at The Guardian in London where he worked on content production tools for the newspaper’s next generation website. Lee has worked in emerging technology, e-commerce, broadcasting and publishing, and is currently a mentor on the Ignite100 startup accelerator.

Kemp Attwood – Area 17

Kemp is the Managing Director at Area 17, an interactive agency partnering with global technology and media clients to challenge the status quo. Previous to Area 17, Kemp worked at Second Story Interactive Studios creating websites and museum installations.

Melissa Mandelbaum – Percolate

Melissa is a Product Designer at Percolate where she leads design across Streams and Analytics. By night she is learning front-end development at General Assembly. Before entering the world of start-ups, she studied and practiced architecture.

True to Percolate form, there will be drinks, music, and great company. Don’t miss out: RSVP here.