Updated November 16, 2016.

We believe the only way to scale out Percolate is to distribute decision making out to the edges. That means we ask each and every person in the company to make decisions on behalf of the organization on a regular basis, without necessarily going to their manager to get advice or approval. Their guide instead must be the company’s culture. This values document is an attempt to officially record the values that we believe make Percolate great. Each value is paired with a question that anyone within Percolate could ask themselves to help them understand whether the decision they’re making is aligned with the company.

The rubric we used to write and judge these values is:

1) Enables someone actually make a decision in the moment: a question to ask yourself to know whether you’re living up to that value. An algorithm for making decisions.

2) Aimed at our constituents: employees, customers, and partners.

3) Something that someone can disagree with: generic values don’t help anyone understand anything.

4) Something that can fit in a picture frame or is tweetable: the goal is for these values to sit on a wall in every office around the world.

With that, here are the Percolate Values:


Startup = Acceleration. A startup isn’t determined by size; it’s a company fueled for growth. We must keep this spirit alive.

Does this decision move us closer to the company’s mission and vision?

Thoughtful by design:

We aim for thoughtfulness in everything we do. This should be felt by colleagues, clients, and competition.

Will this interaction leave the person on the other end feeling like I care deeply about their time?

Judge Percolate against Percolate:

Know that everyone else has a lower bar than we do, never compromise.

Is what I’m doing truly exceptional or am I allowing it to be watered down by outside influences?

Success is measured in advocates:

We are truly successful when our customers, employees, and partners become our champions.

How is what I’m doing helping to drive advocacy?


You own this company. As we grow, it is your responsibility to ensure that we’re awesome. If it sucks, make it better.

If I were the owner of this company outright, would I still do what I’m doing?

Constant questioning:

Asking ‘why?’ isn’t just for children. Being curious will make you and this company great.

Do I understand the first principles of this problem and can I use them to design a better solution?

Focused on scale, but willing to do things that don’t:

Sometimes the best way to reach scale in the long term is to do things that don’t in the short term.

If I look back on this decision in the future will I regret doing something that didn’t scale?

Led by product:

Product is not just what we build, it’s the way we are. Everyone in the company should be thinking in, and building, products.

Can I find a way to automate or productize the work I’m doing right now?

Not just a job:

We want you to look back and feel that Percolate put your career on a new trajectory. You are proud, and you wouldn’t change a thing.

Does this decision move me closer towards my personal mission and vision?


At Percolate you are encouraged to run fast, be fearless, and work hard. If you make a mistake, let’s all learn from it.

Am I acting in the best interest of the company’s values?

What do you think? If you believe in our values and would like to come work with us, please get in touch.