Here at Percolate we really believe in the power of visuals to make brand communications more effective. The numbers are clear; engagement skyrockets with visual content for brands.

But using visuals isn’t only about hitting certain KPIs, it’s also about connecting with people. It’s about evoking a positive reaction or association to a message. The image content, quality, and aesthetics are really important to make those emotional connections. Using bad stock photography is only fun sometimes, so as a marketer you have to be able to find great images that communicate your message authentically.

We’ve compiled a list below of image tools, libraries, and platforms to commission work. While, most of them are free, we figured we would list some paid-for options, because sometimes you do need a very special shot. The free images are either images that are in the public domain or are covered under Creative Commons.

We’ve also included search tools and image editors. Some libraries are so big, it’s hard to sift through all the images to find exactly what you are looking for. These search tools help you refine your search.  Some of these sites are curated galleries, meaning they have designers or photographers choosing the best photos to bring up to the surface. As for image editors, well, we use Percolate’s Media Library which has its own image editor that allows users to include their brand elements.

You’ll find our Certified Content Partners below too: Getty Images, Shutterstock, Twenty20, FlashStock, and We developed a marketplace within Percolate that our clients can source great creative. We wanted to include them because we think they are awesome. They bring so much value to the marketing communications that our clients create through Percolate.

With that, here are 80 great places for beautiful, high quality, mostly free, images:

ToolWhat it doesTypeLicense
20TwentyA sharing community of both royalty-free and paid-for imagesGeneral, Sharing CommunityFree and Paid
Ancestry Images>31k antique prints, maps, and portraits in the public domainVintageFree
BeFunkyWeb browser-based image editor, can pull images from your social sitesImage EditorFree
BigFotoRoyalty-free images for personal or business use. Larger images available for sale. Most of the photos require attributionGeneralFree and Paid
Can We ImageSearch tool for Wikimedia CommonsSearch ToolFree
CanvaImage editor that allows the user to impose text overlaysImage EditorFree
CompfightFlickr search tool, filterable by free to use and commercial licensesSearch ToolFree
Creative Commons SearchSearches by license parametersSearch ToolFree
Death to The Stock PhotoDiscoverable Photo Gallery; sent to you monthlyCuratedFree
DepositPhotosFree stock photos, video, and vectors. The site does have editorial photographs for a feeGeneralFree
DreamstimeSearchable image library, updated frequentlyGeneralFree
Every Stock PhotoSearches various sources for license-specific imagesSearch ToolFree
FlashstockA platform that connects photographers with brandsGeneralPaid
Flickr Creative CommonsImages that Flickr users have offered for use under Creative CommonsGeneralFree
Foap$10 per photo, but enterprise use licenses are availableGeneralPaid
Foodie's FeedFood photography for free useFoodFree
FoterFlickr search tool, covers licensing needsSearch ToolFree
Free Digital PhotosRoyalty-free images for personal or business use. Larger images available for sale. Most of the photos require attributionGeneralFree; Attribution required
Free ImagesSearchable image library with >410k stock photos. More photos are constantly being added by the site's photographer communityGeneralFree
Free Photos BankImage library of free images (from Dreamstime) and low cost imagesGeneralFree and Paid
Free Range StockLibrary of high quality images available for commercial or personal useGeneralFree
FreeMediaGooFree backgrounds and photosGeneralFree
GetrefeFree photos taken from mobile phonesMobile Device PhotosFree
Getty ImagesMarket leader in Stock Photography. Getty allows for embedded images on non-commercial sitesGeneralFree for non-commercial use and Paid
Google Advanced Image SearchIn Google Images settings, you can select Advanced Search. There you can filter by usage rightsSearch ToolFree
GratisographyHigh resolution photographs for personal and commercial use, updated weeklyCuratedFree
HubspotHubspot created three libraries of free stock photos that could be used for personal or commercial useHoliday, Business, GeneralFree
IM FreeProvides templates for creating websites, but has a curated image library of free photosWebsite mock-upFree
Image FinderFlickr search tool, used for Creative Commons imagesSearch ToolFree
ImageBriefPlatform for brands to requests specific imagery and photographers submit their work for considerationGeneralPaid
ImageFreeFree stock image gallery, regularly updatedGeneralFree
ISO RepublicPhotos free for personal or commercial use, photos added by a community of photographersGeneral, Sharing CommunityFree
iStockFree subscription, new images sent weeklyCuratedFree
Jay MantriOffers 7 new photos weekly that are free to useCuratedFree
Little VisualsFree subscription, 7 new images sent weeklyCuratedFree
MagdeleineCurated photo libraries for free useCuratedFree
MorguefileImages provided by artists and photographers to be used freelyGeneral, Sharing CommunityFree
New Old StockOld photos in the public archiveVintageFree
NicheConnects brands with social influencers; many of which are visual content creatorsImages for SocialPaid
Pexels>1,600 free for use photos under Creative Commons Public DomainGeneralFree
PhotoPinFlickr search tool, used for Creative Commons imagesSearch ToolFree
PhotovisiPhoto collage toolImage EditorFree
PicJumboSimple a photo Gallery; no subscription, no sign up, but also no categoriesGeneralFree
PickupimageFree images, mostly outdoor or nature photosOutdoors / NatureFree
PicMonkeyWeb browser-based image editorImage EditorFree
PicographyFree for use photos under Creative Commons and public domainGeneralFree
PixabayRepository of public domain imagesGeneralFree
Public Domain ArchivePublic domain image repositoryGeneralFree
Public Domain PicturesAnother respository of public domain imagesGeneralFree
Raumrot544 photos for free download, special curated sets for download. Some photos require photographer attributionGeneralFree; Some Attribution Required
RgbstockThese are medium to high quality images for mainly non-commercial useGeneralFree for non-commercial use
ShutterstockShutterstock curates weekly images for free useCuratedPaid, with some free images
SnapwirePlatform for brands to requests specific imagery and photographers submit their work for considerationGeneral, Sharing CommunityPaid
Social Image Resizer ToolImage editor that resizes images for social sitesImage EditorFree
StockPhotos.ioPhotos available under Creative Commons, provided by photographer sharing; > 25k imagesGeneral, Sharing CommunityFree
StocksyA photographer co-op, but the images aren't freeGeneral, Sharing CommunityPaid
StockvaultThese are medium to high quality images for non-commercial useGeneralFree for non-commercial use
SuperfamousImages available for free Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license; whereby the artist has to be citedCuratedFree; Attribution required
The Pattern LibraryInstead of photos, get patterns for wallpapersPatternsFree
Timeline SlicerImage editor that resizes images for FacebookImage EditorFree
TinEyeReverse search tool; allows you to find out where a photo comes from, what it's licensed usage isSearch ToolFree
UI FacesFaces that are authorized to be used for free for UI mockupsFaces for UI Mock UpsFree
UnsplashFree subscription, 10 new images sent every 10 daysCuratedFree
Visual.lyGreat for developing InfographicsInfographicsPaid
Wikimedia CommonsOver 21 million images for free use; anyone can contributeGeneral, Sharing CommunityFree
Wyliooffers 5 free images per month that can be resized and used freelyCuratedFree
Creativity 103A gallery of design elements including backgrounds, textures, and photosDesign ElementsFree
Photo EverywhereTravel images, categorized by location. These are free to use under Creative CommonsTravelFree
Lock & Stock PhotosA curated list of images covered under Creative CommonsCuratedFree
Animal PhotosWhat is sounds like, a library of free to use photos of animalsAnimalsFree
Car PicturesAlso what it sounds like, a gallery of free to use car picturesCarsFree
Life of PixPublic domain photos, updated weekly, provided by the Leeryor Advertising Agency's network of photographersGeneralFree
Split ShireLibrary of free to use photos from the photographer Daniel NanescuGeneralFree
Unrestricted StockFree to use photography and vectorsGeneral, Design ElementsFree
SnapographicLibrary of free to use photos from the photographer Thomas MühlGeneralFree
UnprofoundPhotos sorted by colors, but has a search functionGeneralFree
Open PhotoPhoto sharing site where the images are covered under Creative CommonsGeneral, Sharing CommunityFree
Startup Stock PhotosFree to use photos, mainly for startupsGeneral, BusinessFree
Libre ShotFree for use photos under Creative Commons from photographer Martin VorelGeneralFree

We’ll say the old adage one more time (this week): a picture’s worth 1,000 words. Some of these sites have hundreds of thousands of photos, and we just gave you 78 of them. I’m not a mathematician, but I think that means we basically just wrote all of your marketing copy for the rest of the year. You’re welcome, marketers.