We recently introduced our new brand film, which showcased how Percolate serves as a system of record for marketing for a global organization. In the film, we created a fictional music technology brand, Notes, to illustrate how marketing teams use our platform to plan, coordinate, and execute amazing campaigns.

Today, we’re excited to take a closer look at how world-class brands are using a system of record to power their marketing teams. This is how our clients GE, Chobani, and Blue Bottle Coffee use Percolate to build brand awareness, drive revenue, and make better decisions.

GE – Global Planning, Brand Governance, and Asset Management

General Electric has a 130-year heritage of innovation and their 300,000 employees operate in over 150 countries around the world. For Katrina Craigwell, Head of Global Digital Programming, making sure that all of GE’s teams are on the same page from a planning and brand voice perspective.

As she told us, GE “didn’t have a content marketing operating system before Percolate. We’ve been on a great journey over the last three years, moving past just, ‘We have to be producing content to tell our story,’ but ‘How do you think about programming a brand message over five to ten channels and programming that experience in consistent ways across ten or sixteen major markets?'”

For GE, the content planner gives teams visibility into global marketing priorities, resulting in greater alignment on marketing messages and brand voice. In addition, GE uses Percolate not just to centralize marketing assets alongside a suite of creation tools, but also share those materials and briefs with GE marketers around the globe.

Learn more about our partnership with GE.

Chobani – Collaboration, Customer Service, Consistency

When Jessica Lauria, Senior Director of Brand Communications at Chobani sat down with us, she explained how her lean team, consisting of only two social strategists, was able to keep a consistent brand voice across different product lines, markets, and audiences. From planning, to content creation, to customer service, Percolate has allowed Chobani to work efficiently and collaborate seamlessly across teams.

For Jessica, Percolate’s monitoring capabilities has had huge impact on customer loyalty. Not only is social listening affecting the content Chobani is creating, it has opened up the opportunity deliver even better customer service. Chobani’s Customer Loyalty team, based in upstate New York, prides themselves on their ability to respond to customers within an hour. Recognizing the brand’s opportunity, Jessica notes, “We need a platform that we communicate to them, so that our outreach comes from one unified voice so Percolate is helping us be one community and one voice within that platform.”

Learn more about our partnership with Chobani.

Blue Bottle Coffee – Scalability and Mobile

As a former Blue Bottle Coffee barista, Byard Duncan, now Communications Manager, is a a one-man communications team in a rapidly growing company. He recognized that the great moments happening in all their cafes could be captured to tell the Blue Bottle story in a more authentic way In his words, “the biggest challenge to [me] is storytelling across expanding geographies.” Byard relies Percolate to tap into content being created by customers and employees across cafes in five locations, in two countries.

Percolate’s suite of mobile apps make it easy Byard to tell the Blue Bottle story as it happens. With Photographer, retail store managers can capture great moments that occur in the store, like guests playing with their dogs, and easily share them with Byard. Guests also often share photos themselves of their time at Blue Bottle, which he can request permission to use via our Fanbranded tool. This authentic content from guests is a powerful complement to more polished media Byard receives from his design team. Additionally, Byard is able to single-handedly listen and respond to customers across geographies in real time through the Community Manager App and Monitoring tool, magnifying what Blue Bottle is all about: deliciousness, hospitality, and sustainability.

Learn more about our partnership with Blue Bottle Coffee.