Visionary marketers lead with brands and bold ideas. But linking today’s complex customer journey to a unified brand narrative is a true challenge, even for marketing leaders at the world’s largest companies. Social and mobile have fundamentally redefined the channels and tactics marketers rely on, requiring them to create and deliver better messages in more places faster than ever before.

Over the past year, we’ve worked closely with key clients like Unilever, GE and MasterCard to develop a new marketing platform designed for the scale and speed of modern media — a technology system of record that unifies a brand’s story, people and data, worldwide. Percolate now centralizes the entire marketing department to reduce costs, accelerate productivity and deliver consistent, cross-channel customer experiences.

Today, we’re excited to share this new global Percolate, the System of Record for Marketing that includes:

1. Global Marketing Planner. The new planner is the first collaborative, cross-channel calendar that fully integrates with Percolate’s content inspiration, creation and distribution capabilities. The planner is specifically designed to streamline multi-team collaboration across the enterprise, allowing global marketers to plan campaigns alongside local counterparts, or schedule media buys and social hashtags right next to TV spots.

2. Global Distribution. Percolate now publishes to destinations that include Weibo, mobile devices, websites, blogs and digital asset management systems (DAMs), and can be configured to publish to any marketing channel, organic or paid, supported by a customizable content approval system on web and mobile.

3. Global Analytics. Global analytics lets teams segment or group performance data by team, channel or brand theme, accelerating the feedback loop between global decision makers and local market implementation.

4. Global Media Library. When one marketing team adds or creates images, videos or other files in Percolate, they are immediately shared globally so other marketing teams with the appropriate permissions can use and customize them in their own work.

Welcome to a new set of possibilities for global marketing orchestration — a system where ideas, teams and technology work together in perfect harmony.