A few weeks ago we did an internal offsite to talk about our plans for 2015. One of the big messages I wanted to communicate to the team, many of whom are new to the company this year (we doubled our staff in 2014), was that what you see with the product now is totally different than what you will see 12 months from now. That, after all, is the beauty of being a technology company with a large and driven product team: You never stop building.

To illustrate this point to the team I did a bit of research into just how much product we had shipped over the last four years. What came out was an interesting and somewhat surprising pattern. Each year we shipped twice as many “major features” as the year before (for us this is anything that gets a 5.x release number and could be as broad as our content planner or as specific as Weibo publishing). That’s a 200% year-on-year product growth rate and speaks to the commitment of the team to a constant flow of new features and updates that drive towards our vision of building The System of Record for Marketing.


Compressing Time

Not surprisingly, you could make a similar chart for just about every other part of Percolate, from clients to employees to cups of coffee. James, my co-founder, likes to describe the goal of startups as time compression. Essentially startups are trying to pack as much work, growth, and experiences into as short a period of time as possible. I think it’s a very good way to understand what actually goes on inside a company like ours as we work towards living up to our big vision as quickly as we can. We’ve compressed an insane amount of work into our nearly four years of life. In those 48 months, we’ve built a world-class product used and loved by the world’s best brands, hired over 180 amazing people, opened offices across the United States and the world, and built a culture of which I’m deeply proud.

In February we will hold our second Client Summit. The goal is to take a day to step back and talk about what we’re building alongside our clients and partners. The day is a chance to showcase all our new features and functionality in action, share learnings and best practices amongst customers, showcase the best-in-class partners we have put together, and, of course, talk about how excited we are for the future.

The Responsive Enterprise

The theme for the day will be the responsive enterprise. It’s our belief that the biggest change that will be felt inside large organizations in the near future is their shift to becoming technology companies. Each and every business, no matter how analog their outputs may seem, must embrace technology, and specifically software, to ultimately create a closed-loop system that can help drive constant improvement. Many other divisions within the enterprise have a head-start over marketing in this regard, but we believe marketing, led by a partnership between CMOs and CIOs, can, must, and will catch up and pass their counterparts in other divisions as they become a scalable, software-driven discipline.

Towards this end, we’ve developed a framework for how marketing organizations (and the enterprise at large) can use software to achieve these objectives. The framework, modeled after Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, attempts to answer a question we’ve been singularly focused on at Percolate: What does it take to build software that transforms organizations?



Our mission – to build the system of record for marketing — is a big one and our vision — to build technology that helps create the best brands in the world — is even bigger. The five layers of the pyramid attempt to explain exactly how technology and organizations must partner to achieve those goals. The concept, at its most basic, is that companies must partner with their software providers to deliver at each stage. Only then can a company hope to achieve the holy grail: A closed-loop system that can drive real improvement and change in the organization. It’s every organization and software company’s goal to reach that point and we are excited to share some of our success stories in implementing this model inside some of the world’s greatest brands.

If you’re a client, you’ll be receiving an invitation shortly and we hope to see you there. If you’re thinking about becoming a Percolate client, we would love to have you and you can apply for a ticket here.

We look forward to sharing the future of Percolate with all of you in February.