With more than 3 billion people online, a marketer’s challenge today isn’t as much a matter of reaching audiences as it is capturing their attention.  Consumers can access media from any device in an instant so attention relies on compelling content. Thankfully, brands have more creative outlets than ever before. While traditional communication has been limited to a finite medium – the 8 3⁄8” x 10 7⁄8” spread in a magazine, or 30 second spot on radio – the digital world is boundless in terms of creative expression.

We’ve seen entirely new forms of storytelling flourish – from the GIF to short form video and virtual reality. Equally exciting is the democratization of media and production, thanks in large part to the growth of mobile. For better or sometimes for worse, everyone is a creator, armed with the ability to capture, edit, and animate with the devices in their pockets.

Simply put, there has never been a more exciting time for brands to tell their stories.

Introducing the Content Marketplace

At Percolate, we are passionate about letting brands create and market with unprecedented efficiency and scale, which is why we are excited to announce the Percolate Content Marketplace.

The Marketplace brings together a remarkable ecosystem of content providers that can generate high quality original content or license unique assets across a breadth of media types. These providers are best-in-class in terms of efficiency, quality and cost. From images and infographics to video and written content, our Certified Content Partners help the world’s greatest brands tell their stories, all accessible inside the Percolate platform.

Beyond content, we share a belief  in technology’s ability to foster collaboration. Collaboration between brands and agencies, between creatives and between consumers.

Visual.ly, for instance, brings together designers, journalists, animators and developers around the world to produce stunning visual content through cloud-based tools.

Scripted’s technology matches thousands of writers with brands based on subject matter expertise, covering everything from Portland’s best coffee spots to the history of Google’s search algorithm.

Tongal facilitates video content by crowdsourcing creative work through collaborative contests.

When you marry our Certified Content Partners’ capabilities to generate captivating content with Percolate’s efficiencies across planning, distribution, and campaign optimization, it creates a powerful ecosystem for marketers.  We’re proud to announce Flashstock, Getty Images, Scripted, Shutterstock, Tongal, Twenty20 and Visual.ly as our launch partners.

Visit our Content Marketplace page to learn more.

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