What does an alternative rock band, a sushi party, and a boy who communicates with solar panels all have in common? The answer might surprise you.

They are all content marketing campaigns run by some of the most iconic and interesting B2B technology companies in the world. In 2014, household names like GE and Intel, but also fast-growing tech companies like Asana and Zendesk are creating some of the most compelling and creative content the industry has ever seen.

Be Bold, Be Creative

Probably one of my favorite content marketing campaigns in the industry was run by Zendesk, a fast-growing customer relationship management software as a service (SaaS) platform. Earlier this year, the marketing team at Zendesk noticed the term “Zendesk alternative” was on the rise and search rank was dominated by competitors. Instead of going the route most companies would probably take – creating boilerplate product literature on points of differentiation – Zendesk launched a creative experiment.

Rather than boosting their SEM budget, Zendesk built a responsive website for a fictitious alternative rock band called Zendesk Alternative. They even shot a “rockumentary” of the band for their landing page that somehow perfectly captures the look and feel of an aging Seattle rock band.

Not only is Zendesk Alternative a hit within the tech community, but in my view the real kicker is that the website achieves a higher customer conversion rate than Zendesk’s actual website.

Trend: Embrace the Human Experience

The job of the marketer is to create stories that move people. B2B technology marketers are beginning to elevate their storytelling above product features by telling human stories that connects the user to the product– sometimes in unusual and surprising ways. In the fragmented tech landscape, it’s not enough to create a product that’s different.

For B2B technology companies, compelling content is an increasingly critical tool to continuously engage customers over longer buying cycles. Embracing the human experience in storytelling is just one of five benchmarks for the technology industry. Download our report, “B2B Technology Benchmarks” and learn about the rest.

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