At the end of last year James put together a list of seven trends to watch in media/marketing. Number one on his list was this:

You won’t create content without promoting it.

The idea of creating content for your “followers” will go away as the potential for the audience you would like to reach with your content becomes realized. With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all rolling out smart ad products, the promise of being able to reach the exact audience you want to is here. But, as with most things, it won’t come for free. If you want the reach, you’ve got to pay for it. This is always what advertising has been about. Now the potential is just bigger and better.

To that end we’ve spent much of this year building new functionality that makes the process and workflow of creating promoted marketing across social easier than ever before. We’ve done this by including the media buyer/planner as part of the marketing process from the initial planning phases, through the creation, and all the way to distribution and analysis. The challenge in marketing right now is that the media planning and buying process is a step in the broader marketing process, not something that is implemented across the entire lifecycle of a campaign.

While we’ve been hard at work on the workflow side, we’ve been looking around at partners to help us deliver our clients the very best in ad buying, delivery, optimization, and analysis to sit on top of the end-to-end platform we’ve already built. The first company we went to on this road to partner with was SocialCode, widely regarded as a clear leader in social advertising. We’ve known the folks over there for a while and think very highly of their products, culture, and, of course, our shared customers.

Choosing a Great Partner

After spending a lot of time together over the last six months thinking about how we can craft a shared solution, we’re excited to announce a partnership. SocialCode, if you’re not familiar, is an elite Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer for social advertising, and a recognized innovator in paid media targeting and attribution. We have a tremendous amount of respect for what SocialCode has done to optimize creative testing, targeting, and bidding to achieve brand objectives — and through our partnership, we’re creating the most comprehensive technology solution for end-to-end social campaign planning, content creation, paid media execution and measurement at scale.

“WPP invested in Percolate because the future of digital is about marketing in real-time to the billions of people now connected by social media. With this new partnership, Percolate is closing the loop to offer the most comprehensive technology on the market. We are more excited than ever for our creative and media  agencies to work with Percolate for the world’s leading marketers.”

– Mark Read, CEO of WPP Digital

What does this mean for our clients?

We’re giving you the ability to quickly plan, collaborate, source, create and launch optimized ad campaigns across Facebook and Twitter through a combination of Percolate’s platform and SocialCode’s AdVisor technology, while layering on predictive analytics to help optimize creative moving forward.

And for SocialCode’s clients, they’ll now have the opportunity to access the Percolate platform for real-time planning, asset sourcing, content creation and brand management, a full suite of mobile apps, and the ability to distribute to channels that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Sina Weibo, WordPress, and many more.

Rethinking how marketing gets done

Today, around 30% of campaigns underperform due to delays and poor collaboration between creative and media teams. These groups now can work within a shared platform that enables unified metrics, better collaboration, fast feedback on content effectiveness and transparent attribution.

Additionally, by completing the data feedback loop between advertisers and their audiences, Percolate and SocialCode clients will gain creative and audience insights that lead to superior marketing performance.

At Percolate, we’ve always been excited about delivering technology to brands that help them grow their reach, customers, and sales. With the help of partners like SocialCode, we’ve taken another important step to solidify and broaden our system of record for marketing.


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