What are the characteristics that define the modern CMO? At Percolate, we think a lot about how new technology and the growing access to the Internet is changing the role of the marketer. Nowhere are these changes more apparent than in the changing role of the modern CMO.

Head of Customer Experience

The modern CMO has a nuanced understanding of their customer across all channels. These channels can reach billions of people across the globe via social networks like Facebook and YouTube, and extend into email, TV, and print as well.

But today, they have to move beyond campaign-based thinking and encompass every interaction and experience. Our Co-Founder Noah Brier calls this out in his definition of a brand:

“A brand is the sum-total of interactions a person has with a company’s products, people, and communications.”

The CMO is now the CXO – the Chief Experience Officer – and is charged with creating unique and memorable experiences with the brand that goes beyond customer service. We are going from a world of marketing campaigns to a world of sustained communication, where each piece of content must be consistent with the brand while also being locally relevant and personal.

Creating a consistent customer experience across all channels while moving at a faster pace is a hallmark of the modern CMO. For example, Harry’s, a disruptive shaving brand with its sights set on established giants like Gillette, acquires and cultivates customer relationships in cycles of weeks or months, rather than years like industry incumbents. Harry’s even purchased a one-hundred year-old German razor blade manufacturer as part of their strategy to create an end-to-end customer experience, from the blades themselves, to their New York City barbershop storefront and sleek web design.

Defining the Modern CMO

At Percolate, we make it our business to understand the technology that modern CMOs need in order to transform the enterprise, build better customer relationships, and drive sales. If you want to learn about the most important characteristics, strategies, and skills required for CMOs to edge out the competition, download our whitepaper: “Defining the Modern CMO”.

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