Across both B2B and B2C, the largest challenge digital marketers face is reaching their audiences with relevant content. Now that content has become the core vehicle for brands to connect with their audiences, it’s imperative marketers seek efficient, cost-effective content workflows to engage their audiences – which have fragmented across mobile and social.

At this 2014 AdAge Digital Conference in New York, Nestle revealed that its teams produce more than 1,500 pieces of marketing content each day for its 800+ Facebook pages.

What type of investment does that entail? We broke down the expected costs with our content partner to give you a full idea of what a Fortune 100 company like Nestle might spend on content marketing.

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The data shows there is an enormous need to help marketers and agencies with better technology for managing, governing and scaling content. A need that’s only going to become more pressing over the next few years.

At Percolate, we’re excited to be leading the charge to create more efficient, effective and audience-centric solutions for the world’s best brands.

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