Great software is nothing without creative and engaged users. One of the most fulfilling things we get to do as a product company is see how our clients get creative in leveraging our technology to execute amazing marketing campaigns.

One such client is Visa, the global payments company, which was ranked #7 in BrandZ’s Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands in 2014. Visa’s social marketing team, led by Lucas Mast, recently gave a presentation with LinkedIn (also a Percolate partner) on the principles, tools, and workflow they used to become one of the top 25 most socially engaged companies on LinkedIn.

Here are a few highlights from that talk (with the full presentation at the end)


Visa uses Percolate’s content brew feature to discover relevant and trending content. Seeing what articles and links their audience and influencers are talking about helps inform and inspire their own content creation.

Image Sourcing

Visa quickly sources high quality stock images through Percolate’s content fulfillment partners Getty and Shutterstock, pulling them right into their their Media Library to accelerate their visual marketing workflows.

Sponsored Updates

On LinkedIn, Visa starts by posting organically, then uses organic post response rates and demographic data to determine which professional audiences to target with paid promotions — a strategy that’s lead to their content earning 2-6x the engagement of typical content in the financial services category.

Mobile Money Solutions for Ghana Visa gr…

Infographic Creation

When Visa wants to highlight an issue or demonstrate thought leadership with compelling visuals, they can source infographics like Mobile Money Solutions for Ghana directly inside of Percolate, through, another content fulfillment partner.

Publishing and Analytics

After publishing, Visa immediately sees the impact of their content on LinkedIn and every other channel they publish to via Percolate’s Analytics suite, giving them insights and helping them refine and improve their marketing going forward.

Learning from Failures

Visa also takes care to learn from underperforming posts and content. For example, Visa’s social team’s analysis discovered that marketing-heavy content which only emphasizes the brand performs poorly with B2B audiences relative to educational and aspirational content. Visa’s data-driven approach to social also helped them recognize that company news only performs well when it’s delivered in a timely manner around major events and announcements.

We’re inspired by the work that Visa is doing and we can’t wait to see what they work on next. There’s a lot more actionable lessons in this presentation, including recommendations from LinkedIn on being a socially engaged brand: