Today we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Mindshare. Our shared vision is to integrate our technology into Mindshare’s The Loop to enhance planning, creating and distributing converged media campaigns in real-time. In addition, our platform will help Mindshare and its clients source original and licensed content and inform media decisions with audience and influencer data.

Here’s what this means for Mindshare and their clients across the marketing lifecycle:

Planning: Percolate will give Mindshare North America and its brands a unified and collaborative solution for briefing, planning multi-channel marketing, and communicating more efficiently.

Creative: By establishing a closed-loop system that tracks Mindshare’s advertising creative from inspiration to customer and back to learning and improvement, Percolate will help Mindshare focus on delivering strategic value and optimized execution for their clients.

Paid media and distribution: Mindshare will be able to perform paid media planning, spend management, execution and optimization for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and other channels through Percolate.

Unique insights: Mindshare will have access to customizable and real-time dashboards, self-serve reporting, and analytics to help them deliver even better results for their clients.

This latest partnership is another exciting step toward our goal of systematizing the marketing process for each WPP agency and their clients. We look forward to working more closely with Mindshare to help them execute creative and campaigns that capture attention and command respect.