Most organizations recognize the value of creating compelling content and inspiring events to reach prospects, expand the sales pipeline, and close business. Great marketing is hard work, but it’s the only way to cut through the noise and earn the attention of your target market.

But what they sometimes forget is that that same focus and attention needs to be brought to bear on recruiting. After all, A players are often fielding offers from numerous firms, or are happy where they are — just like many of your best prospects are. It turns out that one of the most powerful benefits of great marketing communications is about attracting top talent to your team.

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Host to Hire

If you’ve ever hosted a hackathon you know it’s a great way to create a talent pipeline of developers and designers. This same philosophy should and does apply to any branded event you host.

Two years ago Carolyn Englar attended one of Percolate’s regular happy hour events for community managers. It was a chance for her to get to know our company and meet folks on the team — a year later, she joined as a Client Associate. “I had been in the job hunt for a few months,” she says, “tapping into Linkedin, Glassdoor and working with a recruiting agency. Then I came upon a job opportunity from Percolate and knew it would be a great fit because I was already familiar with the brand and the general environment.”

“Events are great really for both sales and recruitment,” says Michael Rektorik, Percolate’s Talent Acquisition Manager. “Every time we meet a potential candidate we invite them to our next event. We watch how they interact with the team and potential clients.  And it also allows them a great inside look at our office and day-to-day happenings. Many people like Carolyn have been hired through our Speakeasy events.”

Susan Ng is another Percolator who was hired after attending a Percolate event. “I knew I wanted the position 110%,” says Susan. “And after seeing Percolate’s beautiful marketing efforts on Instagram and Twitter I was inspired to create my own social media account as part of my application; it was a visual resume of sorts.” The result of her all-nighter, her thoughtful DearPercolate Instagram account was shared around the office before her interview, and subsequent hiring.


Tweet, Like, and Share Your Way to Better Talent

When it comes to social channels, BarkBox is on top of their game, with nearly a half-million fans on Facebook and almost 350,000 followers on Instagram. By creating a community-driven platform on Facebook, BarkBox was able to make a key hire this year.

“One wonderful customer, Lindsay, took it upon herself to start answering people’s questions [on our Facebook page], even looking up the information on our website if she didn’t know the answer herself,” says Henrik Werdelin, a Co-Founder of BarkBox. “We learned Lindsay was a mother of two boys and three dogs, living in Arizona and working a day job. She was so helpful we wanted to find a way to have her more involved.  So we hired her! Lindsay has been with us ever since.”

Watching your social channels for enthusiastic and helpful users can be a way to identify potential new hires who are already familiar with the brand and can make an impact from day one.

Media as a Recruitment Tool

Until six months ago, Jenny Karn, Vice President of Content at Beutler Ink, focused on LinkedIn’s paid recruiting tools. And while she had hundreds of applications pouring in, she found that many were low quality and not paricularly personalized. “The only people we ended up interviewing were those we found through our marketing efforts in the media and on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Dribble,” she says.

Ultimately, it was through articles published in BuzzFeed and Mashable which helped Beutler Ink hire Sheri Cooke, now Director of Accounts. Sheri says, “Their content felt so was relevant to me, so consistent, and I appreciated how optimized it was for sharing on social media. I was attracted to the fact that the team cares for themselves just as much as they do for their own clients.”

While many of Percolate’s applicants find us through search and referrals from other sites, “a lot of the applicants making it to the second or third round of interviews found us through blog posts written by our founders James and Noah,” says Michael. “Our blog is the best way to get a solid idea of who we are as a brand and a company. They see brilliant content, a confident voice, deep insights and a team that isn’t just straight business but knows how to have fun.”

How to Make Marketing Work for Recruiting

At Percolate, we’re grateful to count 130+ talented employees across five offices —  80 of which have been hired in the past eight months. We believe that integrating your company culture into your marketing strategy is by far the strongest way to attract fresh talent.

Show what it’s like to work at your company on your blog and your social channels like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Write about the homemade granola you serve at breakfast. Or the fact that your company takes multiple offsites a year. Feature photos of your incredibly cool office or coworking space. But watch out for producing something that feels staged or contrived, as your recruits will probably see through it. If you’re content is grounded in authenticity it will really give your future employees a tangible understanding of what your company does, what it stands for, and who might be a strong fit.

If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our 40+ openings. And if you’re looking to hire marketers for your own team, RSVP to our free webinar on August 26th to learn how innovative companies like Google, Facebook and eBay hire top marketing talent..