Last year, we introduced DesignTalk, a weekly meeting where our design team gets together to share creative inspirations, everything from photography to architecture, software, film and illustration. It shapes the way we build our products and how we work as a team. The ideas in these meetings found their way on the web, and eventually led to our first event: DesignTalk: Partners in Crime, where six fascinating speakers shared stories about the tools, people, and processes that helped them do their creative work.

Now, Percolate DesignTalk is proud to host our second event for the design & technology community at the Bowery Electric in New York City, on August 28th from 7-10pm. (RSVP here)


DesignTalk Presents: Learning to Hurdle

Each of our speakers at this DesignTalk has navigated a range of challenges as they’ve built products, services, and spaces. From that memorable job interview, the approaches they take to find solutions, to the presentation techniques they use to instill confidence and entertain. Then there were the projects when they needed to guide others, host workshops, and were asked to learn something new. What came with these experiences was some success, and a fair amount of bruises too. Experiences which have shaped their approach today.

The presentations will be powered by the PechaKucha 20×20 format. A simple, energetic format where speakers show 20 images, each slide advancing automatically after 20 seconds. It’s a pretty awesome way to see stories unfold.

Here’s our speaker line-up:

Nora Abousteit – Kollabora

Nora is the founder of Kollabora, a new community for makers sharing DIY projects. The platform combines editorial inspiration and commerce to make it easy for everyone to get started. Her first job was as a Business Coordinator at Americana Egypt.

James Cooper – Betaworks

James is Head of Creative at Betaworks, responsible for creating interesting brand and product partnerships. Previous to this he learn’t his trade in the advertising industry. His first job was as a copywriter at Ogilvy.

Anne Foley – Percolate

Anne is a Product Designer at Percolate, leading the creation of web and mobile products to help marketing teams plan and collaborate around content creation. Her first job was as a Graphic Designer at Ogilvy CommonHealth.

Nathan Heleine – Crush & Lovely

Nathan is a Co-founder at Crush & Lovely, where he uses technology and design to explore new forms of storytelling for global nonprofits, arts organizations and Fortune 100 companies. On leaving college he founded his first company, Boom Design Group.

Rachel Nash  Etsy

Rachel is a Product Designer at Etsy, a marketplace where people around the world connect to buy and sell unique goods. Previous to this she was the lead designer of mobile time machine Timehop. Her first job was as a design intern at Big Spaceship.

Dong-Ping Wong – Family

Dong is a partner at Family Architects, where they design buildings and special projects. Ongoing projects include a water-filtering floating pool in New York named + POOL. His first job was as an Architect at REX Architecture.

There will be drinks, music, and great company. Don’t miss out: RSVP here.