At Percolate, we believe what distinguishes a great marketer is not the ability to build individual successes, but to succeed regularly and predictably. As marketing evolves from campaign-centric to  sustained communication, working with technology systems that enable more efficient and consistent results is critical.

In 2013, Unilever started working with us to help improve the performance of its social content, capture cost savings, and increase brand consistency across different portfolio companies and countries. Our pilot program began with three of Unilever’s largest and most diverse brands across 15 markets — Knorr (food and beverage), Hellmann’s (mayonnaise), and Surf (detergent).  After achieving great results and 92% agreement that Percolate is “very easy or extremely easy to use versus other [marketing] software,” our partnership with Unilever has expanded to serve more than 30 global brands in over 20 markets. Based on our initial work together, we estimate Percolate will save Unilever $10 million in annual cost savings on content. 

Despite being a global organization with over 1,000 marketers creating content, Unilever’s challenges are similar to brands of every size: create consistent and visually engaging content; scale marketing without escalating costs; and and reach the right audience effectively with all marketing efforts.

We’re excited about the work we’re doing with Unilever and put together a case study of our progress so far. Whether you’re in the Fortune 100 or a young, high-growth company, we think you’ll find the study to be an instructive look at the new way to think of systems of marketing.

Download our free case study: Accelerating Unilever’s Global Marketing