The enterprise is in transition: to mobile, to global, and to software. Soon, nearly 100% of the planet will be connected on the same network. Most marketing departments, however, have been built to support a different pace. You can see this if you look at the Fortune 500 by decade — it’s getting harder and harder for companies to maintain their position in the market as it expands at exponential rates.

Moving forward and looking at the next fifteen years, everything will be changing. Fast. The way we understand cities, countries, communications, development and infrastructure will evolve as our urban populations grow and become connected in unprecedented ways. The economy will come along for the ride. Consider the simple fact that for every additional 10 mobile phones per 100 people in a developing country, GDP rises by 0.5%.

As marketers, we have to recognize the opportunity – no one has more to gain than we do. Redesigning a modern marketing department for the new media landscape will require rethinking our channels, content, audiences, processes and teams. We’ve developed a white paper that discusses how tech is changing enterprise marketing in greater detail.

And last week, we hosted our first industry conference, where leaders from the worlds of design, technology, science, marketing, and even automotive talked about how they were investing in this moment of transition. To celebrate, we made a short film with our friends at m ss ng p eces, a NYC-based entertainment company inspired by storytelling, technology and the limitless connectivity of the age we’re now living in. Just like us, they believe that there’s never been a more exciting time to exist in the world of communications.

It’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s inspiring. We hope you’ll love it as much as we did.