Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Social@Ogilvy to launch Inspiration Labs, powered by Percolate. By aligning one of the leading agencies of record for storytelling with Percolate’s system of record for marketing, Ogilvy’s brand planners, creative technologists, account managers, and — just as importantly — clients will be able to explore and test new, exciting ideas using our technology. Because both Ogilvy and Percolate work closely with many of the world’s largest brands, we’ll be launching labs in New York, London and Hong Kong to fully support their global needs.

Here’s what this means for our partners at each step of the marketing lifecycle:

Implementation: Ogilvy strategists and planners will collaborate with Percolate on custom building blocks sessions, with the output of the session being a fully customized Percolate platform tailored to each client of Ogilvy Labs.

Planning: Percolate will give Ogilvy and its clients a global, unified and collaborative solution for content calendaring, media planning, and brief functionality.

Integrated Content Calendar and Planning Software

Inspiration: Percolate’s latest audience and influencer insights data can be used to inform Ogilvy’s digital decision-making.

Content sourcing: Percolate’s content partner network will be on standby for original content creation and licensed assets. Ogilvy will also have access to our latest tools for creating and testing on-brand content, including brand prompts and mobile apps.

Paid media and publishing: Ogilvy will be able to perform paid media planning and spend management for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through Percolate.

Insights: Ogilvy will have access to customizable and real-time dashboards, self-serve reporting, and content analytics to help them deliver even better results for their clients.

As we often like to point out, technology like social and mobile is having a profound impact on the scale, pace, and pattern of marketing. As the world’s top storytelling agency, Ogilvy has always been at the forefront of narrating and embracing those changes, and we’re thrilled to be integrating our software with their creative framework. We want to give Ogilvy the technology they need to scale their clients’ content strategies, while being as respectful as we can be about their creative process.

At the end of the day, this partnership will help Ogilvy’s clients tell better digital stories at the speed of social, using a more systematic approach to planning, sourcing and understanding great content. If you’re a current Ogilvy client, we’d love to hear from you so we can tell you more about how this partnership can make your marketing more inspired. Stay tuned, it’s going to be awesome.


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