As a technology startup, we aim to build great products for marketers and we’re proud of the design and engineering teams that release those products. But great products are not worth much if they don’t get used: key to our success is helping clients understand, use, and love our products.

Today, we pull behind the curtain on the incredible people in Client Solutions who work with our clients to unleash the full power of Percolate. Collaborative problem-solvers, these men and women help us serve a diverse and world-class roster of clients, while providing key input that helps the product team even more awesome technology.

Working With Our Clients

Client Solutions team members typically have a background in social media or strategy and are able to understand the technical side of our product. According to Valentina Park, an Associate, her team’s role is to be: “the one’s that use the product on a day-to-day basis, the first to see it before an update goes live, and the people interfacing with our clients to make sure they’re getting the most out of the product — and if they’re not, we’re working to figure out how we can develop the product, so they are.”

“We apply more energy and commitment in our services group than any other software company out there,” said Michael Dzik, VP of Client Solutions, “we hire the sharpest people and put them in a position to help our clients because they are so knowledgeable about social. We expect a higher level of service than most software companies do — most software companies sell you software and then don’t want to interact with you. We want to have the opposite approach, we want to interact with our clients as much as possible.”

These interactions not only improve our clients’ experiences with the product, but they allow team members to understand common issues and build a better product. For instance, Brittany had numerous clients who found the approval features on Percolate useful, but they wanted to expand the conversation aspect of this feature to the posting drawer.  After seeing this pattern develop amongst her clients, the product team created the conversation stream on the side of the page, enabling brand managers to collaborate and invite followers to their conversations, before sending the posts for approval.

JOB ALERT: Percolate is hiring ambitious problem-solvers in New York City and London.

Team Dynamics

The Client Solutions Associates work with a Client Solutions Manager who oversees a book of business, which consists of between 40 – 70 brand licenses. An Associate’s job is to help set these clients up on the platform, assist with fixing any back end issues on the accounts and share with the product team any potential areas for development in the software.

The team also takes the idea of productive arguments to heart and it is an important part of how they learn and uncover similar problems that their clients are experiencing. Jesse Brightman, a Client Solutions Manager, said, “we talk a lot about different use cases and consumer insights. If we see a pattern developing, we try to figure out how to scale new, different product features to address these issues.”

Discussing efficiencies within the software helped Jesse discover a useful tool for one of his clients. Jesse was working with a global financial services client who sent a weekly email to the whole company detailing the social media campaigns in all the regions that week. Rather than having all her teams email the information, their VP of Marketing was able to use to the content planner to find out about the campaigns her teams had coming up. By shifting their workflow from email to Percolate, Jesse was able to save his clients tremendous time and money.

Working With the Product Team

In August 2012, Peter Marguiles left the startup he created in search of a product-driven, early stage company. He originally joined Percolate as an Account Director and, as we started bringing on more clients and shipping more features, it became clear that we needed someone to be the main liaison between the Client Solutions and Product teams. Peter stepped up to the plate and became a Client Solutions Manager in January 2014, with the main focus of communicating product updates and documenting the progress of future features.

Peter described that he thinks the Client Solutions team at Percolate is exceptional because “we take feedback and actually build it into the product – we don’t just say ‘yeah, we’ll look into it.’ We actually do it. That’s what makes us leaders in the market of shipping features and understanding clients.”

And, while the job is interesting and exciting, there is also the chance for high growth and management opportunities. “There is a lot of upward mobility here,” said Dzik, “we want people to come in, ready to do amazing work and ready to be promoted. Because, when you combine excellent people and great product, you get the lethal combination that we’re striving for.”

So: if you’re an ambitious problem solver interested in working at the front-lines between business and product, apply to join the Client Solutions team.