Even when we know what a piece of technology is and what it does, it’s not always clear why it matters. Most of us can remember a moment where we truly “got” a tech product and understood its possibilities and place in the universe.

For a while I didn’t completely understand Pinterest. Sure, I appreciated the gorgeous UX and high-quality imagery with its distinctly dreamy aesthetic, but I didn’t really understand why users spent so many hours pinning images to their boards. Then, I had my moment of realization.

I was finishing dinner at a friend’s house when she announced that she “wanted to bake something ‘lemony’ for her colleagues at work.” She wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to bake, so she pulled out her iPhone, opened Pinterest, did a search for “lemon desserts”, and scrolled through the Pins till she found the perfect fit – Lemon Bars.


That’s when it hit me – although Pinterest has a strong underlying social component, it’s really a place people go for discovery and inspiration. Pinners use Pinterest to discover and connect with the things they love, including their favorite brands, products and services. This is why Pinterest captures the imagination of marketers – never before has there been such a rich and object-specific interest graph of people’s passions. Unlocking that interconnected web of people, products, and images provides tremendous insight for businesses seeking to identify receptive audiences for their brands.  Combining this intent with Pinterest’s enticing demographics creates a very exciting value proposition for marketers.

Today, Pinterest announced their MarTech Developer Alpha, which includes official access to the Pinterest Business Insights API. Percolate is honored to integrate the Business Insights API, along with other great companies like Piqora and Tailwind. It offers developers such as Percolate the ability to build value-added insights products on top of Pinterest’s platform. We have been Alpha testing our Pinterest insights with a small group of clients (Knorr, Marriott, Shinola, and Macy’s), to prepare it for official broader release later this month.  Here’s what they’ve had to say:

“The integration of Pinterest data inside Percolate gives us a more comprehensive overview of Knorr’s social marketing footprint. By having all our data displayed in one place, our team can streamline reporting while accessing new insights to improve our results on social.”
– Wesley Boas, Marketing Director Knorr North America

At Percolate, we build software that helps marketers create and share compelling content that resonates with their audiences. Pinterest has created a special community where people candidly share their dreams and passions.  With Pinterest Insights, Percolate gives marketers a meaningful way to participate in the Pinners’ journey of discovery, while enhancing their experience. Because as we’ve already learned from Pinterest, understanding is the start of everything.

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