One of the big innovations in technology that’s fueled the tech boom of the last decade has been the incredible ease of releasing new software. When software came in a shrink-wrapped boxes with CDs inside, the software could only get major updates every few years. This created a tremendous barrier to innovation.

When software is delivered as a service over the web, new iterations can be deployed far more easily and quickly. At Percolate, we might ship a dozen new versions of our core product in a single week. The ease of deployment allows our product team to rapidly iterate on its creations as we better understand clients needs and adopt new technological advances.

But when we listen to our clients and look at the broader marketer, we see that not every part of the enterprise has been moving as quickly as the technology industry. Marketing teams often find themselves using outdated software, because the request for proposals (RFP’s) put out by procurement haven’t kept up with the rapidly changing scale, pace, and pattern of marketing.

In fact, one study of 200 procurement executives found that only 27% say they do research on the market of their stakeholders and only 17% could even say in what segment their supplier put their company.

Helping Marketers Acquire Modern Technology

So how do we fix the issue? Let’s start by having a conversation. Over at Digiday, our own Chris Bolman published an argument for why digital marketers need a new RFP.

For a marketing landscape currently undergoing rapid and profound transformation, the last thing the world’s most iconic brands need is to be locked into buying tech based on antiquated requirements and internal politics. RFPs may be stifling innovation in digital and putting marketers’ jobs at risk, but old industry habits are hard to break.

It’s not hard to see that outdated software RFP’s are destroying innovation in digital. So how do we fix it? Let’s start with a new RFP.

We’ve spent the last few months speaking with procurement experts, marketing technology leaders and top brands and agencies. And what we’ve found is that the new world of marketing calls for a new set of technology requirements. The best marketers are looking beyond social media management software and considering issues like:

  • content calendars and planning functionality
  • content discovery workflow that’s integrated with content creation
  • asset management with metadata and tagging association
  • mobile monitoring, publishing, approvals and analytics tools
  • paid promotion of social content

We looked around and couldn’t find any request for proposals that addressed these new and essential pieces of functionality. So we wrote our own.

Introducing the Content Marketing RFP

The Content Marketing RFP is a collaboration between industry stakeholders with a collective 50 years of experience evaluating, procuring and designing enterprise marketing software for some of the world’s largest and most iconic brands.

We’ve developed two free, open-source documents:

  • A complete editable content marketing RFP template (.doc)
  • A checklist for comparing marketing software vendor features and functionality (.xls)

Content is the core element that helps marketers build lasting relationships with their target audiences. In order to help marketing technology buyers integrate long-lasting, effective and safe systems, we’ve created the first open source RFP designed for a content and audience-centric technology world. As the industry evolves, we’ll continue to update the RFP so it stays relevant to senior marketers and their teams.

Download the free Content Marketing RFP at: