UPDATE: The Client Solutions team at Percolate put together a handy list of 60 US holidays and when they happen in 2014. Download our free Brand Event Content Planner.

As Twitter looks to expand globally as a communication channel for businesses of all sizes, the social giant is trying to help brands figure out what to talk about.

The Twitter for Business team for UK + Ireland recently released a calendar to help companies plan tweets around events. Covering just April and May to start off, the calendar lists about 30 unique events in categories like Season, TV, Sports, and Culture – some are global like Easter Sunday, while others, like Bloom Flower Show Dublin, are more region specific. Each event has a very light “tip” associated with it and the option to add it to Outlook or Google Calendar.

Branded as #OwnTheMoment, the site has a very experimental feel to it, and it looks like they want to offer more, but aren’t sure exactly what that might be. So what’s the play here?

Why Content Planning Matters

Every social channel wants more brands engaging with their platform. But unlike TV commercials or magazine ads, these platforms are geared around stock and flow, emphasis on the latter. People (and by extension, brands) are still trying to figure out what to say.

what should I post

Literally, Google tells us so.

Most major brands engage in a lot of internal content planning. Often over spreadsheets, calendars, or even plain text documents, they will map out ideas for social media, often based on brand events, upcoming campaigns, seasonal moments and more. Depending on the brand, the team might look a few weeks to a few month ahead.

Great marketing is always triggered by something. Sometimes it it is an unpredictable trigger: the lights go out in the Super Bowl. But often it is sometime you can prepare for in advance, like the Super Bowl itself.

Additionally, brands want to make sure they are covering all their pillars. Nike represents a wide range of sports, from Basketball to X-Country to Golf, and in a range of levels, from Olympic to weekend warrior.

Planning allows brands to stay on top of their message as much as possible and keep their content mix balanced.

How Percolate Helps Brands Plan Content

It’s great to see that platforms like Twitter recognize the need to help companies plan. The Twitter calendar is a great start,  and for small businesses getting on Twitter, it might be exactly what they need to get started. But this stuff is hard.

In our work with brands, we’ve heard a number of pain points come up when it comes to planning.

— it’s hard to share and update planning documents
— it’s hard to track and group conversations around specific topics
— there’s not a lot of flexibility in how teams and view and organize content

That’s why we built the world’s first content planner that directly integrates into the creation and publishing work flow for brand marketing teams.

Social Media and Content Marketing Calendar

We suggest specific events that are directly relevant to a brand’s target audience – teams can tag events based on topics and platforms and populate their calendar with the right mix of triggers.

Of course, a content planner is not a silver bullet. Without creative and empathetic CMO’s, community managers and agency partners, you’ll still end up with uninspired content.

But when great tools and systems join forces with savvy marketers, magic can happen.