LinkedIn holds a special spot in the social media universe; it’s a destination where members go to invest time, rather than a place people go to spend time.  When you’re investing, you typically expect a return on capital.  Therefore, there’s also a unique expectation that content on LinkedIn will provide its community members with tangible value.  Specifically, value that enhances their professional brand or provides insights that can advance their careers.

Given the high expectations of its content, it’s not surprising that LinkedIn is making an important announcement today: the launch of an official Content Partner Program dedicated to helping brands create content that generates lasting value for LinkedIn members.  While social media companies have historically had partner programs for functions like analytics, publishing, advertising, and the other value-added services associated with marketing on their platforms, LinkedIn’s new program represents the first official partner network focused on empowering brands to create great content. It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s something to notice. Most of all, LinkedIn’s announcement is a clear signal that social networks recognize the need to systematically help brands align their creative with the unique audience groups and content formats on their platform.

Today, we’re proud to be one of the first technology companies selected as a LinkedIn Content Partner, alongside a select group of agencies and publishers:

  • Agencies: Contently, Group SJR, Atlantic Media Strategies, and Freshwire
  • Publishers: The Atlantic, IDG, CBS Interactive, and Bloomberg

Our fellow partners are either top-tier content marketing agencies, premium publishers, or written content providers, each of whom bring professional rigor to the creation of content.  Percolate is unique in this crowd since we’re a software company.  A software company that helps brands create more effective content?  Yes, that’s a thing.  At Percolate, we’re excited to be building technology that helps leading brands streamline their creative process, achieve better brand consistency and tailor the most effective content to the specific needs of their social and mobile audiences.  Providing an end-to-end technology platform for creative also enables each step of the creative process to be tracked, measured, and optimized — again, resulting in better content, with a more consistent voice on LinkedIn and any other digital destination.

By providing brands with turnkey access to a rich content partner network, LinkedIn is showing that they’re serious about creating the highest quality content ecosystem for their members, while ensuring professional users continue to invest time on their platform.

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