New York Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events on the fashion calendar, occurring twice a year in February and September. With events taking place all over New York City from Lincoln Center to Milk Studios, how does a fashion marketer create a digital campaign that will set their label apart?

Here are two examples of successful digital and social campaigns by some of the world’s hottest fashion brands from this year’s February event:

Tommy Hilfiger: A Front Row and Backstage Instagram Meetup

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The renowned American fashion designer showed that he’s up-to-speed with social media when he hosted the first ever runway show InstaMeet during his fashion show this past February. Hilfiger collaborated with top instagramers Brian DiFeo and Anthony Danielle to host the InstaMeet, as well as hand pick a group of New York-based instagramers to take pictures during the show. Over 300 people applied but only 20 were selected.

Fans were able to get an in-depth look at the backstage and show through these images by following the hashtag #tommyfall14 and #nyfwinstameet – including one that had earned over 6,500 likes.

Marc Jacobs: Social is the New Currency

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Marc Jacobs’ fragrance division launched a pop-up shop during NYFW to coincide with the launch of their new print campaign to promote their fragrance ‘Daisy.’ To create a big splash in the already-noisy week, the brand launched a campaign where interested buyers couldn’t purchase the fragrance with regular currency. Instead, they could pay with social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with their curated hashtag #MJDaisyChain as payment.

Daisy was already using this hashtag to encourage users to create a virtual “daisy chain” with photos of daisies and this pop-up shop social media spin just put fuel on the fire – huge volumes of tweets and instagrams were posted, helping drive awareness and sales for the new fragrance.

Percolate: Creating Tools for Brands

How can you maximize the social impact of your next campaign? Every marketing team can and should be thinking about how to scale their efforts around visual content with a focus on their audience. At Percolate, we’ve created host of tools that help with sourcing, editing, and distributing images in real-time, with brand governance baked in. Two to highlight today are Fanbranded and Photographer.

Fanbranded allows marketers to request permission for images from fans that have been posted through Twitter and/or Instagram. This tools streamlines the licensing process, giving marketers, a legal framework tool to acquire user-generated content for the first time. A great example of this is Shinola, a lifestyle brand based in Detroit, who uses this tool to grow its media library without expensive photo shoots or recurring legal fees to boost their image posting frequency.

Photographer is a mobile that app allows brands to deploy to their employees to create content for the brand on-the-go. Braun, a men’s personal care brand that’s part of the P&G portfolio, uses the Photographer app at a variety of live events, including one in Miami to capture dozens of images in real-time in collaboration with their agency partners.

When it comes to planning for upcoming events, launches, and announcements, creating compelling visuals is vital. Smart marketers will leverage innovative tools that maximize their team’s effectiveness.