At Percolate, we really try to avoid having too many meetings. We actually give new hires a set of guidelines, and the first is: “Do we actually need to have a meeting?” Staff time is a precious thing.

However, there are two big meetings we have each week that served us well. The first is the Monday Morning Business and Product team meetings. The second is our company-wide Friday “Wins” Meeting.

Monday Morning is Work Time

On Monday mornings, at 8:15am sharp, the entire Business team meets for about an hour. Folks usually gather around our big table a little beforehand to load up on breakfast: Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, granola, salad, and coffee.

We kick it off with weekend highlights, where people share fun or interesting things they did. After that, we go through our MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) for the week. Everyone around the room announces their top 2-5 priorities, ranging from scheduling ten new prospect meetings, to running a really great training session on a new feature for a client, to getting a new whitepaper out the door. We pass around a speakerphone so the folks whom are working in other offices can tune in and share their updates too.

After MIT’s, we usually have a few quick updates from the various team leads (Sales, Client Solutions, Marketing) and occasionally a business-wide presentation. Then everyone is off to work. The entire Product team (Front-End, Back-End, Mobile, and Design) has a similar meeting two hours later at 10:15am.

Friday Afternoon is Win Time

After a long week, the entire company gathers around our kitchen table at 5pm for the Wins Meeting. The idea behind this gathering is to acknowledge the great work happening around the company.

Everyone shares a few “wins” which typically sound something like: “a win to the mobile team for getting a new version of the Ambassador app out” or “a win to Michael for helping get this deal through client X’s procurement”, or “a win to Speakeasy, I had some great conversations with agency folks who are big fans of ours”.

Once in a while, you’ll hear someone give a win to themselves, which we affectionately call “Peter Wins”. We also celebrate upcoming birthdays, Percolate anniversaries, new versions of Percolate shipped, and new hires.

The Wins meeting is fun and laid-back, but it’s also very important and vital to our culture. If we’re in the office, we are at the meeting. If we can’t make the meeting, we give our wins to someone else to share. The folks in London will record their wins in advance to be viewed on screen and all the wins are captured and emailed out to the whole company.

Why These Meetings Matter

For a company of our size (115+ people) an all-hands meeting is a costly proposition, but I think these two meetings are worth the investment.

It’s really great to start off the week in such a focused manner. Announcing your own MIT’s publicly makes you really motivated to go out and deliver on your goals.

The Wins meeting on the other hand, marks the end of the week and is a bigger signal to 1) relax and 2) recognize the great work and collaboration that happens throughout the company, across Business and Product. To throw a little psychology into it, the Peak-End rule suggests that we’ll look back on the entire week with warmer vibes if we end on a positive note, even if the middle patch was really rough.

Having shared the Friday Wins meeting informally with our network, we’ve heard good things from other companies who’ve taken it on:

Sahil Jain, CEO of AdStage started doing Friday Wins with his team and has found it really valuable: “It is really touching to have people thank one another and just respect the help they have given each other during the week. It’s something I really look forward to.”

Alicia Dupree, Director of Business Operations for Teksystems has started a Wins meeting as well, that start on Monday morning. She’s very happy with the results: “People who generally don’t work together are collaborating more and those who are recognized start their weeks with purpose.”

A company is defined by its rituals; the Monday Morning and Friday Wins meetings have served us well, and they’ll both continue to evolve as we grow. If you find either of these meetings interesting or worthwhile, feel free to try them out and let us know how it goes!

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