Creating real-time content at live events just got easier. The latest version of our Percolate Photographer mobile app lets event marketing teams capture visual content and secure image rights in a matter of minutes (or less). Photographer is the only end-to-end mobile solution for branded photography, making it a powerful content creation and digital asset governance tool for events, conferences, retail locations and offices.

How fast can you take a photo, get a media release and sync it with your brand’s media library for use on social ? Just see for yourself:

The latest version of iOS Photographer provides:

1) A streamlined, end-to-end process for creating branded imagery with built-in media release workflow

2) Age verification

3) Signature capture

4) The ability to sync images to your brand’s global media library in seconds for instant use on all content channels

5) Photo tags and metadata to organize images by specific events, campaigns or brand themes

Many of our clients like Braun have already used Photographer to collaborate across event and social marketing teams, capture live events and create on-brand content in real time. To learn more about how Percolate Photographer is helping some of the world’s leading brands capture and share their best moments, get in touch.