A brand’s employees play a critical — and often overlooked — role in its social identity. More than ever, individual employees are using social to build and share their personal brand, giving rise to conversations where personal and professional content converge. As more and more employees become content creators and broadcasters, how can companies best use their workforce to amplify content, extend conversations about the brand, and help with valuable activities like customer service, advocacy and recruiting?

How Employee Social Media Advocacy Extends Social Media Marketing Reach

In a new phase of marketing technology centered around the mobile, social enterprise, CMOs and marketing departments now have a direct path to engage their employees on social: mobile, where nearly every modern employee is active. Both the challenge and the opportunity for marketers is managing the creation and distribution of content company-wide with centralized oversight. According to research from Altimeter, developing internal education and training for employee social media use is a top priority for CMOs, despite the fact that only 38% of brands currently have one in place.

Today, we’re thrilled to share a new, powerful tool for marketers looking to activate their brand’s biggest social advocates: Percolate Employee for iOS. Available in the Apple app store, Employee lets marketing teams publish brand content to employees’ phones — whether that number is in the dozens or thousands — with the full tracking and oversight of Percolate’s Complete Content Marketing Platform. Here’s how it works:

With the Employee mobile app:

1. Important brand content is shared directly to employee groups

2. Employees can easily add hashtags and get permission to natively use and share content to their personal social feeds

3. Employee “favoriting” provides easy two-way communication feedback to marketing about content quality and relevance

4. Marketing teams maintain full control and oversight of their content, and also receive valuable feedback data about how employees are responding to and sharing their work

The Easiest Way for Employees to Share Your Social Media Content

Effective enterprise social media advocacy starts with sound planning, thoughtful employee training, and diligent executive education, and it can be deployed at scale to deliver real-time socially engaged employees with Percolate Employee.

How to Create an Enterprise Employee Social Media Program

Most important of all, the introduction of our Employee app means that brands and their employees are now completely connected around the atomic marketing unit of content. Employees can create visual content with Photographer and sync it to a brand’s central media library, and now take digital assets published from central or regional teams and amplify them. Best of all, CMOs and their teams can track and manage the entire lifecycle with Percolate’s monitoring, analytics and social governance software.

Employee Social Media Sharing Analytics

Employee extends marketing’s reach to every department in the company, activating a brand’s best social advocates at scale. With Employee, everyone in the organization is empowered to be a marketer and brand advocate.